I knew about a week beforehand that there was a possibility of my mom and I travelling to Montreal to meet with family, but we only bought the tickets  5 days prior so it was on the pricey side. But seeing family and being able to talk to them made up for it. Here’s a breakdown of the events!
After buying the tickets I kind of panicked a little, considering that I have a rather large night-time routine and I knew I won’t be bringing all of them, however I didn’t know how my skin would react (I ended up getting two large pimples but that’s ok!) to the change. I ended up bringing  my morning stuff (4 items) and only my eye cream and a sleeping mask sample for the night, which worked out fine for how long I was there for.
First off, my mom and I actually missed  our initial 11 o’clock bus due to some miscommunication. I won’t talk about it much, but it ended up with me running around asking if we could be put onto the next available bus. We then took the 12 o’clock bus to Montreal and the trip took about 7hours 20mins due to traffic. The roundtrip tickets for my mom and I cost about $309 CAD, which is on the pricey side but it’s kind of expected because it’s Easter weekend.
​Our initial plans the next day was to make our way up to a temple on a mountain (or hill), but we were told the plans were cancelled due to the road to the temple being washed out from the rain and dangerous. Montreal has gotten quite a bit of rain the past few days so it wasn’t that much of a shock, but my mom was really looking forward to it. Later that night, we made plans to walk around Montreal’s chinatown and to visit a boutique to look for a prom dress.
Montreal’s chinatown is one place that I usually visit whenever we have a short trip to Montreal, however nothing much really happened other than eating at a restaurant. I should’ve asked if we could stay out later to walk the rest of china town but I wasn’t sure if it would be okay with some of my aunts, who were from California so the weather was pretty cold for them.
We also walked to a boutique to find my prom dress, we found the style I wanted and the size but the colour was the only thing that they didn’t have so I’m probably going to just be waiting for the colour to restock before eventually purchasing it. I’m not going to reveal anything about the prom dress yet, but maybe soon!

Overall, I spent most of the time in Montreal talking with family members and  trying vegetarian cuisine because some family members are vegetarian. I didn’t really get to do much other than that because Saturday was the only full day I was in Montreal, so next time I visit I hope to do more.


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