I think it’s safe to say that I’ve temporarily run out of Real Talk topics, so this is kind of a little chatty blog post about a few things; K-beauty preferences, The New Innisfree Stores, and a few other things. This post is going to be a little everywhere topic wise, but I hope and promise that the next one would stick to one topic.
I was going to put this at the end, but I’m changing up my style and putting it at the beginning instead. So earlier last month, I decided to put together a blog to document the full Post Secondary experience of myself and a few other friends of mine. It’s called “Away @ College”, but despite the name I think 2 or 3 of the authors are going to University. There may be more authors added in the future, but I’m not sure if we should start small or start with a variety lol. 
You’ll also see a little bit of my college experience here because this is still partly a lifestyle blog, but I don’t want to spam about it. If you’re interested in the other blog, click here to check it out! 

Next up, apparently the K-beauty brand Innisfree is planning on opening their first Canadian stores by the end of the month! I saw on  a few articles that the store is going to be at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, but while I was at Eaton Centre I also saw a covered storefront with the Innisfree stuff all over it. So I’m guessing they’re opening two stores at different times? Not really sure about that, but I might head over to the Yorkdale store’s opening on Aug 30th.
I’m actually pretty excited, because I bought a lot of Innisfree products back when their Innisfree world site was still operating. Not to mention, that it seems that they have some sets available for purchase during their grand opening. I actually am looking forward to grabbing just the set because it has a full size cream and serum I believe, I still have many products on hand to try/I’m already trying so I don’t think it’s a good idea to get too many full sized things.
Do you think you’ll go to the opening? Let me know!
If you’re looking at potential things to buy, check out my first haul   here, my foundation review here mask capsule review here, cleansing water review here, and the perfume stick review here.

Also, I’ve realized that when people say they’re into Korean Beauty they seem to lean a little toward makeup, or to skincare. Like some Youtubers feature both, but it’s also kind of clear which they unconsciously favour. Though some do seem to switch back and forth.
Personally, I prefer Skincare over makeup because I’ve been using skincare longer than makeup. I’m also not confident regarding makeup, and my way of doing it so unless I’m with good friends or family, I rarely wear makeup. Lately though, I’ve been accumulating more makeup so I’m very very slowly building up skills about it.
Though based on what I think about my school program, I probably won’t have a lot of time to play around with makeup. So for a while it’s probably going to be a bunch of makeup reviews and then skincare reviews when I go back to school.

Honestly, this wasn’t as long of a blog post as I thought it would be. Though I feel that I was ranting about random things this time lol. But lemme know in the comments if you’re heading to the Innisfree grand opening on the 30th, or if you lean toward makeup or skincare more!


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