I didn’t plan on stepping away from the blog for this long to be honest, what was supposed to be two weeks turned into almost two months and my college schedule + work schedule really aren’t helping things. Here’s just a big rundown of what happened, what’s happening in college and what type of “Adulting” 22-year-old me has been going through. As always, feel free to skip this post if these topics aren’t your thing. But if you choose to continue reading, I’ll be giving you a sneak peek into planned posts and topics for the next month or so!


Originally my break would be during the last two weeks of August, with planned posts to make up for it. My classes ended right around that time as well and it was just fitting considering that I had planned to work throughout the school year (after Labour Day) and after balancing summer courses and work since April, I thought I could sneakily take a short break. But that turned out to be a lot more hectic and I became a lot busier than I was going to be, therefore missing almost two months of content.

Caught a beautiful rainbow at Niagara Falls

First, I took another one of those GO Train trips to Niagara with my mom, one of my high school friends and her mom. This year we opted for an upgraded ticket that included fare for NOTL (Niagara on the Lake) which was pricier than the tickets we got in 2022 (also because we were going on a weekday not a weekend). It was a fun day, though there was some trouble on the train because some families got upset with the constant chatter from a streamer who was on board, no comment on that.

I had to complete a week’s worth of assignments and discussions even to be able to go on that trip, and even then I had a short test that I had to complete on the train too (via Ipad). Please don’t do what I did lol, it worked out fine but it was a harrowing morning. Then at the end of August, my family picked up my cousin since we were hosting her in our home while she studies in Canada. She comes from Vietnam so we also had to get her ready for Fall and Winter in Canada, but school stuff (for example, a laptop) was already prepared ahead of time.

Also took a short break to go to the CNE like I do every year, and met up with some friends I haven’t seen since high school too. I didn’t make any big purchases at the CNE aside from food stuff, and that’s mainly because that was the same week that I purchased a new desktop (much earlier than I planned) and also bought myself some Leafs preseason tickets for October. I was going to get regular season tickets but those ended up being way out of my budget.


In September I also had trouble with my schedule because I took some classes to ease my courseload this school year, it confused me a bit and I was a little behind in choosing my Fall semester courses. I was finally added to a breadth elective right at the deadline but that’s alright, had I not been added I would’ve just taken it next semester. I was also running around trying to make sure my cousin had everything she needed, and with the fact that I have in-person classes 3 days out of the week, I was surprisingly busy. This year, I’m unfortunate enough to have two 8ams (Monday and Friday) so I’ll be perpetually caffeinated this semester.

This schedule has also led to some interesting situations when I had plans after school, and I feel like that’s also adulting in a sense. Having to balance work, school and your personal life with your finances. So late September I went downtown after class to meet with a friend, catch up and take a look at the AAPI market that was being hosted by Sukoshi Mart. I actually ended up taking a GO Train to get downtown that day and it was one heck of a journey, I ended up walking away from that market with three adorable pins and two new hair treatment masks that I’m excited to share (in an upcoming review). I got a baby snoopy pin for my mom because she loves snoopy, a hamtaro pin and a spring highland cow (?) one for myself.

I actually really wanted that spring chicken one but it was sold out at the time, and I ended up buying it online later on. There was something that I almost bought that day but stopped myself and that was the Kakao Friends X The Creme Shop potted eyeshadow in flirty peach. Absolutely beautiful colour, looks almost rose-gold in some lighting and goes on very smoothly with lots of shimmer payoff. I was almost off my budget that day and buying that would have definitely thrown me off budget for sure, but I also had something similar so it would have been a dupe. (I’ll share in a later post!).

I also caught one hell of a cold during that last week of September, which took me out for an entire week and I ended up staying home to recover. I did recover in time to make my work shift that weekend, only to end up losing my voice from overuse (literally was stuck at the till the entire day).


*One thing that rarely anyone knows about me is that I used to watch hockey highlights on YouTube because we didn’t have access to paid sports channels. I’m trying to get back into it, which is why I dragged my friend to the tailgates earlier this year and later bought a preseason ticket.

Losing my voice absolutely sucked, because my Leafs preseason ticket was for the following Monday (Oct 2). I couldn’t even answer a question in class the day of, and that was embarrassing. The day of the game I went to my 8 am class like normal and skipped my next class because of the lack of voice. I got to the game a little late (right at 7 p.m. oops) but those seats were awesome! I was in section 106 row 3, almost ice-side and for $150 during preseason. In comparison, those same tickets were around $700 during the regular season so I feel like it was a steal (still expensive though). I did crash at the end of the night though, being awake for almost 17 hours did not agree with me.

That same week I also ended up going to a book signing/event hosted at Indigo Yorkdale, this was the Chloe Gong event and it was so much fun. I definitely fangirled a little bit and got two books signed. I have three books from Chloe and opted to get Our Violent Ends signed alongside Foul Heart Huntsman (which was included with the ticket). Also ended up getting a giant tote for $10, absolutely insane how big it is! If you’re heading in that direction, I recommend trying to get one! When I got mine, they were located by the mall entrance and were on a hanging display. It was originally $15 with an extra 30% off.

My copy of Foul Heart Huntsman before being signed by Chloe Gong. I was lucky enough to be in group 2 for the signing.

I’m thinking about going to a Marlies game sometime, but I’m not 100% sure about that yet. I did attend a Marlies game in 2013-2014 on a technicality though, see, my middle school choir performed O’Canada for one of their games but at that time I wasn’t interested in hockey and ended up reading until it was time to head back (sacrilegious I know, sorry). It feels appropriate actually to go again and pay attention, but the timing would be an issue since the games are either on the weekends or on Tuesdays. but with the midterm season coming up…

Upcoming Reviews

Yay, you made it to the end! Or skipped, but that’s alright. As promised, I’ll reveal some planned posts/topics that are happening in the next month or two! Some are subject to change, however, but if there are any you absolutely want to see, let me know in the comments! Or if you want me to cover any specific topic based on experience or etc, let me know.

  • The Saem Hydrating Eye Stick (Hydrating and Hydrating Collagen) – Picky Reviews
  • Althe Lippie Trio Picky Reviews
  • House of Hur
  • Makeup Trends in 2024*
  • Judy Doll
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  • Unleashia
  • OceanBuy Review
  • Inga Lippie
  • Ordicle Review

I’m also thinking about covering some of these topics later on but they 100% aren’t confirmed yet:

  • Making Big Ticket Purchases as a College Student
  • Trying a new nail shape style
  • College student Costco meal tips
  • My Holy Grail Routine

My holy grail routine is what I’ve been using since June 2023 and it’s kept my skin so nice, I’m currently running out of the products in this routine so it’s going to change in the future, (I can always buy them again) but I’m not sure if I should talk about it. So that’s a hard maybe right now.

One topic that you probably won’t see me talking about though, is hockey. There are a lot of people talking about that already (stats and predictions), and I don’t know enough about the game to talk about it. There’s also an unfortunate side of hockey social media that isn’t super friendly to girls that watch hockey too, and I unfortunately saw that happen before my first game.

If you haven’t seen it, there was a video circulating of someone recording another person at a hockey game. That person being filmed was looking at the team roster and the comments were more than a little mean. Personally, I’m better at remembering faces rather than names and when I got back into hockey it took me a long time to remember names and numbers. I felt so bad for my friends at the tailgate because I kept asking them who was on the ice with every line change.

If I had a different data plan at the time I’m fairly sure that I’d have been looking up the roster too. So I would’ve given them the benefit of the doubt before jumping to conclusions, but it gave me a little bit of anxiety going into my first game when I saw that.


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