It’s been quite a while since my last post, so here’s a massive catch up including links to some mass published content as a catch-up.

Hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

And for that, I deeply apologize. I’m really sorry that I’ve been MIA of late with the exception of the staggered blog posts. Despite not having published any posts lately, I haven’t stopped writing actually. I just didn’t anticipate being so busy.

So as many of you may know, I left my former animal care college program back in spring. And almost immediately applied, got accepted and joined another college program in the book publishing/writing field. In the early days of the program, I still had time to catch up with blog posts and whatnot. However midway through the semester was when things started picking up, and then never really slowed down.

The program is more demanding (in a good way) than I originally anticipated, and I literally have to allot time to write blog posts now. I’ve been writing but I haven’t had time to edit and add media and whatnot, so this post is kind of a massive catch up as I mentioned earlier.

Table of Contents

Beauty Updates

So in terms of beauty products, I actually haven’t started anything new. I’ve been using just face mists and cream during the night routine so I could get to bed asap after wrapping up assignments for the night around 1-2 AM. While this method does somewhat hydrate the skin, it’s the bare minimum and can make your skin dull over time if there’s not enough hydration.

The Blithe patting splash pack (review here) has been a constant companion this month, alongside my B. Lab cleanser for exfoliation. I’m not using them back to back but I alternate between these two or the Bellamonster pads every week or so.

In October, I placed a pretty big order on Jolse with my mom for products we both need. I did order the new Purito sunscreen to try, so as soon as that arrives you can probably expect a review on that a few weeks later. We also got a great deal on the MISSHA night repair ampoule during that promotion, and you can read over my haul here.

Closer to the end of October, I actually went and got my nails done for the first time ever. I was going to get them done for Prom/Semi-Formal but I would have needed to remove them less than a week later because I was volunteering at a Vet Clinic. While each clinic will have different sets of rules for nail length, I was taught that it’s best practice to have short and unpolished nails for the health of the animals in our care.

It was about $65 I think. I got extensions, and the polish was gel. I really loved the lighter pink colour, but my mom (who was there with me) suggested getting the darker pink as well. I think they were pretty good as my first set though. I got them done at Pacific Mall, I haven’t quite got an opinion on the shop yet so you’ll have to wait on my next appointment to hear about it. (added to update) I went back in early December for another set and I’ll show a picture of that, these were slightly more.

Hair products have remained the same and yeah, unfortunately, I don’t think I have a lot to report here. Oh! I did buy a hair pack (hair mask treatment) and will be comparing it to the Elizavecca one I use. And I also ended up getting gel nail stickers. I’ll do a small update on those if you’re curious.


There’s been a lot of stuff that happened in the background, so I’m probably going to gloss over some to not make this too long. I ended up upgrading my laptop’s storage (SSD) and unfortunately, some data weren’t able to be transferred over no matter what I tried.

I also made some lifestyle changes to improve my health, but I’m still in the early stages of it so I’ll update later on in a College Life post. Nothing drastic. Also ended up buying some Inkbox temporary tattoos (one review here) just to try. I’ve known about them since I was in high school and have always wanted to try them, but back then they were out of my price range.

Last month, I also ended up buying another Bluetooth keyboard. I intend to use it for my laptop on and off depending on how my setup is, and I got a pretty good deal. More info here. I’ve also been thinking about purchasing a perfume for myself this year, but I’m not sure about it since there are a lot of favourites to choose from.

Other Updates

If you don’t know, reading and writing have been a longtime passion of mine that’s evolved over the years. I used to run a little book section here on this blog but there wasn’t much interest so I moved it over and created an actual book blog called Commuting Reads. If you like books and etc, feel free to check out the site at

Anyways, that’s all I have at the moment. I also wanted to let you know that unfortunately due to time constraints, I won’t be covering Boxing Day deals this year. I’ll only be found a haul.


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