It’s been a while since the last Real Talk tag I did, hows everyone doing? Excited to be going back to school? This is just a catch-up of what’s happening, what happened and a peek into some stuff I’m planning for the blog. So click, get cozy and let’s catch up!
So the last Real Talk tag I did was back in early June, and I feel as though a lot has happened since then. Since June, I ended up getting a job and I’ve been working part time since July essentially. ItThe blog also qualified for Google Adsense, so there’s the new ads that will occasionally pop up. I’m still working on fine tuning it to only show ads related to the blog’s topics.
I found an app that’s been very helpful in choosing future products to review on the blog, you may have seen me talk about it here. I’ve been lucky enough to have gotten some freebies via Picky lately, and whatever products I do receive I’ll be sure to note it. I really do recommend people try using this app when looking for skincare products, it’s like a little skincare assistant!
Now for upcoming content; I actually had a hard time personally dealing with some things that happened before Toronto opened up to stage 2/3. I was originally planning to talk about it as a Real Talk tag however it was just too much for me to even read by the end. So, I’ve decided to move it over to my podcast as exclusive content for the podcast only. Meaning, it’s only available as the podcast and there won’t be show notes on the blog.
I don’t think I’ll do a lot of those but maybe one or two semi-annually I could manage. It’s also been hard to find time to record for the podcast since working, because the available timeframes are so short or there’s the possibility of noise pollution from an appliance running at home. But I’ll manage somehow.
I’ve also set up for some blog posts to start being released on the Away @ College side of the blog, so if you know anyone that it might be useful to, please share! It lets others know about the content, and comment! It lets me know if you like the content or not. Same with the Beauty & Lifestyle side of the blog.
I’ll also get some reviews up soon for products such as; Dear, Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence and Keep Cool and Soothe’s Toner. I got them by chance through Picky, and they’re very popular products! Keep an eye out for reviews about them! I also have a haul that I did that I plan on covering sooner or later for Fall, though I probably did get the items throughout Spring and Summer too.
So, what have you guys been up to? Have you been going outside? Stocking up on noodles?


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