Fairly late to the party, but here is my clothing haul from Reitmans during one of their sales. The sale took place a while ago so the products or prices probably won’t be reflected/available right now. 

Firstly, fall lasts from September 22nd to December 21st. In Canada, the temperatures range from chilly to needing to bundle up nicely. The items  I bought during the sale fit more into the early fall season, but I’m sure they can be layered up as it gets a bit cooler in the season.
Before we go further, I do want to reiterate that some pictures below are screenshots that I took of the products. I do not own those pictures, and all rights will go back to the brand selling the items.
First up are these pants, I was looking for long cotton pants that I could dress up or down with and these looked perfect! I don’t know if it’s the style themselves but they seem pretty high-waisted on me, which is pretty cool considering I’m around 5″8, so most pants are a few inches too short and ride up when I sit down.
It has a drawstring tie-waist and two functional front pockets that are big enough to fit an iPhone XS and a few other things (if you were to do that). The fabric feels thin but isn’t sheer when worn, and it’s okay at blocking out the cool wind. I actually bought two pairs, one in grey and one in black. The original price for these pants is $49.90, but final price was $15.19 each.
Next up was this boat neck, 3/4 sleeve blouse. I haven’t had a chance to wear this yet since the weather turned cold on me pretty quickly, and also because I don’t go out as often anymore (as we all know why). However, the fabric is a material that I’ve encountered before. It’s like this bumpy, textured chiffon material that’s slightly thicker than chiffon. I think there’s a name for it but I don’t really know fabrics.
The pants have been so versatile so far, I can dress them up or down when I like, and having pockets that can fit a phone has been great lol. The colour for the pants fade easily though, so I tend to wash them inside-out.


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