Around the past year or so, I’d been looking around for metal straws and this was around the #savetheturtles time as well. I found out about reusable glass bubble tea cups and started actively searching for a reasonably priced one within Canada, and that was when I stumbled onto Retea.
retea bubble tea cups haul


Retea is a company founded by Toby Zhou, while she was in university and  is now run by herself and her friends Alvin and Louise.  It started as a DIY alternative of a reusable bubble tea cup and grew into the company it is today, you can find out more about the company at
I’ll be honest, I too, never really thought much about how much plastic waste there would be with every bubble tea order I made, with exception to the straws.  I’d been putting off on ordering a cup from Retea for a little while but finally took the plunge this month. I kind of expected to wait a while for the order to come in due to Canada Post Package delays, but it was surprisingly quick.
I placed the order on June 15th, and it shipped out the same day. It got to my door on June 19th, basically later that week and it was great!  There are two versions of the cup available, the original which holds 750mL and the mini that holds 500mL. They cost $16 and $12 CAD respectively (cup only).


They also offer cup sets for both sizes that include the cups, both lids  a metal straw and a straw cleaner. The sets cost $20 CAD for the original and $15 CAD for the mini. If you don’t have a metal straw, this set is the better option. I opted for only the cup, because I already got metal straws elsewhere.
With the current Covid-19 situation around the world, there isn’t much outside use for a reusable cup since most if not all stores aren’t accepting them, to help stop the spread of the virus. However, I’m just going to say this cup is going to see a lot of use when everything goes back to normal (whenever that is), and it already travels in my bag when I go to work.
It’s a sturdy cup overall, but I think the metal lid component might dent eventually.  I also heard that the packing peanuts can be dissolved with water and I tried it, end result was a bunch of paper (?) paste stuff that my mom wanted to add to soil so I’m not quite sure where that went.

Overall, I think this was a very worth-while purchase and I honestly can’t wait to use it for bubble tea when that opens up again. This blog post will go up as a Podcast on July 2nd, so keep an eye out! Before you go,  follow my blog on Bloglovin’ to never miss an update!
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