Now before you panic, I’m referring to products that I’m personally retiring from my collection/routine. Some of them I know are being/already discontinued, I do not know beforehand if any other products are being discontinued or etc. Now let’s take a stroll down memory lane.
Retiring some of my beauty products or finding out that they’re discontinued is hard, some of the products I genuinely liked and some might’ve worked for others but didn’t do it for me. I’ve started using beauty products about 4 years ago when I first started with skincare and etc, so there has been what seems to be quite a few products being discontinued. *P.S this might be a long list so grab some snacks!*

1. The Face Shop Green Tea Line (Discontinued)

The Green Tea Line from The Face Shop was discontinued approximately a year or so ago (they first stopped selling in stores and etc.). The first ever product I used was the toner, to get myself started and then the emulsion (lotion) and serum came afterwards. I’ve found replacements for the line, however I still remember the good memories (good price, little to no scent etc.)

2. Chia Seed No Shine Hydrating Cream (Retired)

This was the first moisturizer I used when I started getting into a night time skincare routine, I bought about two of these before officially ‘retiring’ it from my routine. I was wondering about The Face Shop when I tried some products on my hand and I was introduced to this product, it felt nice on my hand and despite the price, I ended up getting it.  It was very moisturizing but it felt kind of heavy on my skin.
However, when Belif’s aqua bomb came out I eventually switched over to that after finishing the  tub from the Chia Seed collection.

3. Etude House Oh! M~Eye Line (Retired)

I got this eyeliner on one of my first orders on yesstyle, around early 2016 or so. At first I was so happy but it was so difficult to apply and very watery for my mom and I to use, I remember seeing a boat load of good reviews though so I think it works for some people but not for my mom and I. However when my aunt got one, she loved it.

4. Etude House Lash Serum (Retired)


First off, I will say that in the early days this was my favourite product from Etude House. It worked well in making my lashes longer and thicker, but one of my lashes tends to grow so that it pokes my eye and I had to eventually stop using it. It’s been like 4 years and my lashes have been the same since, however I know that some people didn’t see the same results…
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5. Papaya Mild Peeling Gel (Retired)

Once again, one of my first exfoliating products and it was great. It worked well and it didn’t seem to have a heavy scent to it, and while it was a little annoying to remove all the little white globs, it worked. However when I started using other products after finishing the bottle, I decided to switch over to those exfoliating pads.

6. St. Ives Green Tea Cleanser (Retired)

I used this cleanser on and off during my middle school days and it was okay for the most part, I found it pretty drying and it also made my face tight (at least the dry parts of my face were uncomfortably tight). I retired this product from my routine when I started using skincare and I’ve been testing out cleansers since then, nothing that I’d for sure buy again yet though.

7. Milkydress Wrinkle & Whitening Eye Cream (Retired)

First ever eye cream of mine, and my mom loved it. But there were some days when my skin was very dry because of the winter wind, it would give a slight burning/tingling sensation, I didn’t want to end up having to use another eye cream in the winter so when I eventually finished the tube I tried another eye cream. I would still recommend this though, because it was pretty effective.

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