I got this cleansing water a year ago and held off giving it a review since then so that I could try it over a period of time and give a more in depth review (if possible).  I never really got into cleansing waters to be honest, so this will be interesting!
The cleansing water is green tea scented, and I don’t personally find the scent overpowering at all, but please note that there is a slight scent to it.  The liquid itself I first thought was green, but it’s just the colouring of the push-pump bottle. One thing that set this one out from the other cleansing water I had about  year ago, is that it’s a push-pump bottle instead of the traditional push dispenser bottles.

I find that the price of cleansing water kind of varies, from cheap to “should I be buying this?”. Without promotions, the cleansing water retails for about $20.63 CAD for a 300ml bottle. That’s actually pretty good, considering my previous one was $19 CAD for a 150ml bottle. And aside from the bottle differences, they had both worked the same way however, the innisfree cleansing water leaves a dewy finish whereas the other dried matte.
I can’t say if I like one more than the other, because they’re both practically the same. However, if you want to get more for your money, the innisfree one is the way to go.

I’m still figuring out  the place for cleansing water and whether or not I’ll keep it in my routine. Right now, I use it before washing my face (day/night), especially if I had applied sunscreen during the day. It’s because for so long I’ve not used a proper face cleanser, because of how drying those I had tried years ago were. So the cleansing water is kind of a day-to-day replacement for the cleanser, however I do have one I use after I wear makeup/occasionally.
I also use it in the morning to wipe off any of my skincare before rinsing my face, so it’s extra moisturized. However I’ve yet to determine if I’m going to use this throughout summer or if it’s a Fall-Spring item only, because I’m not keen on dealing with super oily skin if it does impact how long it takes for my face to look oily.
Anyways, while I try to decide whether I think this product is good for summer or not, feel free to check it out using the link below (affiliate)!


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