Let me start off by saying that this product is highly unusual, it’s something that I’ve imagined before but never thought that it would  be created, or that I’d get the chance to buy it even. Essentially they’re a solidified perfume stick that makes it easier to  take with you, and it won’t spread throughout the air when you use it.
This was around the time I discovered the innisfreeworld website (that’s shutting down soon, I believe), and one of my first few orders included two of these perfume sticks. They actually have a good selection of scents to choose from, however it was rather daunting to pick which perfume stick to get because you can’t smell the fragrances through the screen.
There are descriptions of each of the fragrances (top note and etc) which can help, however it won’t really help much if you don’t know what one smells like or along the lines of that. For me, I’m not necessarily picky with fragrances, but I chose two sticks that were made to smell like citruses. I got   Winter Night  and   Drama, and I prefer drama more than winter night because it smells like shampoo. Winter Night is a more elegant fragrance and I think it would be odd to wear it to school and etc.
A few months later, I ended up getting two more  perfume sticks, one is called Music and the other is called Romance. Between the two, I like Romance more because it smells like grapefruits, while Music takes on the scent of normal deodorant like Drama. I haven’t finished using the perfume sticks from before, but I do like the options.
The perfume sticks are easy to carry, and my desk neighbours don’t notice that I’ve touched up my perfume unless they get super close or unless I tell them. This makes them very conveinent in my eyes, since I believe most schools have a ban or cap on spraying/using perfumes in the hallways due to some people having allergies.

Now, there are quite a handful of perfume sticks out there in the K-beauty market but this is the most worthwhile one I’ve seen yet.  Other brands like Tony Moly and Labiotte also have their own forms of the perfume stick but most are over $13-$15 per item, and from some reviews you don’t get a lot of product. Now I cannot confirm myself whether the Innisfree perfume sticks have more or less product, but when first opened the perfume stick is about 1 inch in length.
Anyways, with that information in hand, I’ll leave it for you guys to decide if you’d be looking into these products or not. If you want to look into the product more, or to buy them yourself I’ll have them linked below. {Affiliate}


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