Rom&nd’s Glasting Water Lip Tint was one of the most popular lip items back in 2020 (wow it’s 2021 already?!) and was amazingly hard to get in late August when I was looking around. They were mostly sold out in many places or there was no colour variety available, and some places also marked up the price for them. I did eventually get my hands on them, so here’s a review on how they are!

There is a total of 8 different colours for the Glasting Water Lip Tints, and there was an additional 4 colours added separately as part of the Hanbok Collection. To be frank, all of the colours look really nice but on the promotional/swatch pictures some look more similar than others. The colours from the Hanbok Collection essentially added 2 beige-based colours and 2 berry-based colours.
Rom&nd Glasting Water Lip Tint
Rom&nd GLasting Water Lip Tint Swatches
Here are the original swatches from the brand site.
I got the lip tint from a site called Stylevana, for about $13 CAD which was cheaper than the price of $16-$18 CAD at some local stores. If you’re curious about my shopping experience from Stylevana, check out this previous blog post here! It was also the last blog post from 2020.
I bought the colour #08 Rose Stream, which as you can see from the swatches above looks like a red-brown/rose colour. I didn’t know a lot about the lip tints until after I placed my order, but it’s kind of sheer and you can build up the colour. The tint seems to also have (what I like to call) a two-layer technology; the tint and the glossy/watery layer on top. I’ve seen videos of people saying that the tint is mask-proof (or at least partially).
I think that’s kind of true, the actual tint will stay on your lips but the watery/glossy layer on top will likely be rubbed off by the mask. There is a smell to the product, I don’t know if each has a different scent but mine smells fruity. It doesn’t feel heavy on the lips but the watery layer on top will take a while to get used to because I’m not used to wearing glosses and the like.
Packaging-wise, the box is a thicker clear plastic so you can see the tint tube. The tub has a clear cap and wand, which I’m not going to lie, I really like. It’s frustrating if it gets smudged with the tint but I like the aesthetic. The tube also seems to be a little bigger than other tints, but I’m not 100% sure.

Overall, I’m fairly pleased with the purchase. I love the colour and it’s good to wear in any season, fairly mask-proof and I might get one from the HanBok collection. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to try it, but it’ll be a game-changer for those who love tints and wants one that won’t smudge away immediately with the masks.

I’ve linked the glasting tint below via stylevana for anyone looking to purchase it, and before you go, be sure to follow me on social media or on Bloglovin’!

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Romand – Glasting Water Tint – 4g – No. 08 Rose Stream
from: Stylevana


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