It’s Thanksgiving weekend, and most students finally have a breather from their first full month in school. I’m not even sure why but I’m literally so tired, so this break is a blessing. A few things have happened since September so this will kind of be an update on school + life, and a little tip for those dealing with dark circles. So please stay tuned if you are interested in any of those three topics!

Oh, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve changed one of my tags from “Get To Know Me” to “Real Talk” so that it now covers more possible topics if they ever come up. But it will also essentially have the same things the old tag had, so not a lot will be changing.

For those fellow 12th graders out there, are you getting ready for University or College applications? Or do you have another plan?  I’m currently prepping to get the application process going for the college I want to go to, mainly to get it out of the way but also because the program is highly competitive and I’m worried that I might not get in. It’s probably the closest school that offers the program too, and I don’t necessarily want to be that far away from home, but it’s if necessary……
For those that are wondering, I’m planning on applying to Seneca King’s Veterinary Technician program. If you’re planning the same, best of luck to you and maybe I’ll see you on campus!

As for life update, nothing much has happened. I’ve just found a new appreciation for iced tea and chia seeds as a breakfast item, well sort of. I’ve heard that adding chia seeds to a drink will help suppress your hunger a little bit​, so you end up eating slightly less and losing weight. Though I’m not sure how effective it is, so I’m just having a little of that with a granola bar or two.
Other than that, it’s been the norm; going to school, panicking about everything lol and etc.

Now finally the topic most of you are probably waiting for, dealing with dark circles. Though as a disclaimer, this method I use is for dark circles caused by lack of sleep and maybe stress, so it might not work out for everyone. My “routine” if you will, is using an eye cream every night and a hydrogel eye patch once or twice a week.
The product I use every night is Milkydress’s Wrinkle and Whitening Eye Cream, it’s a gel-like texture that absorbs pretty quickly into the skin. I’ve seen it turn rather dark, dark circles under my eye to ones that were easily covered up with a light application of concealer. But it stops at that, it won’t really lighten your under eye area further than that and wrinkles would just be less prominent.
The product also doesn’t have any parabens so that was a bonus!
Shortly after I didn’t see any further results I looked into those hydrogel eye patches, and bought one after a particularly bad month. And after adding it into my routine, it’s been a miracle worker picking up from where the eye cream left off. The particular hydrogel eye patch I use is JayJun’s Green Tea Gel Eye Patch, it’s got about 60 pieces inside and smells amazing!
There are actually a lot more hydrogel eye patches out on the market, but I chose one that was green tea based because I just personally thought that they’ll work better. Green tea is always raved about  because it is loaded with antioxidants, so I thought it would be fitting to get a green tea based hydrogel patch. 
**I do not own these two pictures, they were retrieved from Yesstyle.com’s product pictures. All rights go to Yesstyle/the owners of the pictures.**

Some other hydrogel eye patches include; Heimish’s Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch, Secret Key Gold Premium First Eye Patch, JayJun Roselle Tea Eye Patch and SNP Bird’s Nest Aqua Gel Eyepatch.


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