I bought this essence nearly a year ago when my current essence started to look like it was going to run out. But then that weird thing happens; you know, the one where something is very clearly almost finished but manages to drag it’s use on for months, or in this case a year! It’s still fine though because the product wasn’t opened and it expires in very late 2020, and it’s only the summer of 2019. Let’s see how this goes!
First off, the   bottle is also made of glass (frosted glass I think), which kind of surprised me because I thought it was just plastic, or a semi-clear plastic. The cap is also this cute rose-gold colour, overall it looks really nice on the vanity and is pretty easy to pick out if you have a lot of products.   The essence is supposed to improve the look of wrinkles, and clarify skin to leave it soft and supple as well as smooth and radiant (spiel from Yesstyle).

I didn’t really know what to expect with this essence, because the essence I had prior to this one (The Face Shop’s Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Essence/Serum) was pretty thick, almost lotion-like in consistency. I knew some had the consistency of a watery syrup, and that’s what I expected it to be. But turns out, it’s just watery! It was such a surprise, but it also felt pretty moisturizing which baffles me but I’m not complaining.  The essence also isn’t exactly scent-free, there is a scent to it but it’s rather light in my opinion and unless you’re actively sticking your nose into the essence, you most likely won’t notice it. I suppose that it’s a really muted rose smell, but I honestly can’t tell.

There is 150ml (5.07fl oz) of product inside of the bottle, and depending on what price the product is when you buy it, it’s worth it. Though as a tip, when you buy this particular product watch the price for a little while before purchasing because the current price is $28.04 CAD but I bought it at $16.97(about $17) CAD. Though because I had seen this product before, I know that the price sometimes can drop as low as $13 ish. Why that is, I don’t know, so just watch it for a little while before purchasing.
All in all, I would recommend this essence for those who have normal to oily skin types. I don’t know if it will be moisturizing enough for those with dry skin though, as it seems to be pretty light. I might buy this again if I can’t find another essence that interests me, because I’d like to try different essences before making a decision on whether or not it’s my holy grail item.
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