While we’re still on the topic of the last Shiseido warehouse sale that happened in the Spring of this year, this Ibuki to the Rescue set was another product I picked up there. It’s retail price is $38 CAD but is worth a value of $64 CAD, I don’t remember the exact price I paid for the set but I’m just going to say it’s around the $20-$25 ballpark. Let’s review the products inside of the set!


Originally, my mom was against going to the warehouse sale but I ended up going anyways. I only knew of Shiseido products through her products at home, but they were limited to 1-2 products. I went to the warehouse sale to learn more about what they had, and to generally check it out. There ended up being a bunch of other brands there too; like bare minerals, for one.
There are 3 products total in the little set; the quick fix mist, the power infusing concentrate and the beauty sleeping mask. I wouldn’t have originally bought this set, but I noticed that it contained the concentrate, which I got as a sample months ago someplace else and it worked well for my mom. I also gave the sleeping mask to my mom because she needed something like it, and I had a lot of similar type products that I needed to try and review.
In the end, I still haven’t tried the face mist. I still can’t quite figure out whether it’s supposed to be used for the skin or to fix/refresh makeup, I’m sure it might be intended for both uses but does anyone know? My mom was delighted to have gotten the little sampler of the concentrate, and honestly, if the full size product wasn’t expensive I’d buy it for her. But it’s retailed at $90 to $129 CAD so. . .maybe later on.
Unfortunately for my mom, when she tried the sleeping mask it caused her skin to sting and be tender for a few days. She also said the slight fragrance of the product bothered her, she never had this type of reaction to a skincare product before so I felt really bad. I ended up taking the sleeping mask off her hands after that, and keeping in mind that I may or may not have the same reaction, I tried it on one night.
Nothing happened, but my skin was smooth and moisturized the next day. Though as a note, there are little beads in the mask that are supposed to help hydrate I suppose? They usually burst as soon as you press down but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it, they feel a little awkward personally, but everything else is still fine.

Overall, would I recommend the set? Yes, if you’re okay with spending that amount of money. But I do recommend finding someplace that carries Shiseido products so you can test it on your skin first, because if your skin doesn’t agree with the product, no joke it hurts. The set’s also a great travel companion, especially if you’re heading to any cool, dry and/or arid regions.
~ See you in the next one!


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