For me, Shiseido has always been a large and prominent brand and also kind of a low key status symbol thing if you use it. Their products aren’t necessarily cheap nor crazy expensive, so I’d say they’re in the high end beauty circle, but also considered as a luxury beauty item/brand. So let’s check out their foundation!

On a normal day, I wouldn’t have likely bought their foundations due to the price range (gotta save that money too!). I bought my foundation during their warehouse sale May 4th-5th, along with some other stuff. I got one for my mom and then decided to get one for myself, it was kind of a rushed setting because the place was going to close in an hour.
I also wasn’t able to colour match on my face, but I colour matched to the leftover foundation I had on my hand from me putting my makeup on. I had to guess my mom’s colour, but ultimately got the same because we’re pretty similar in foundation shades.
Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Foundation  

I felt that the foundation is sheer enough to match your own skin tone, if it’s around the same colour. I think you will be able to tell if it’s too light, so keep that in mind. But I think they are discontinued, because other than some old reviews I couldn’t find the foundation anywhere. I bought the foundation in the colour O20, Natural Light Ochre.
The foundation was sold for $20 each at the warehouse sale, but I think it retailed at about $43 CAD. The foundation is sheer, but also kind of “perfects” your own skin in a way. I did notice that it will cling to dry skin a little bit, and also to any blackheads/white heads. I’d recommend using a good moisturizer, removing the blackheads/whiteheads or using a good primer before using the foundation.
Overall, I think the foundation is alright if you’re looking for something to just enhance your natural skin. But if you aren’t looking forward to the price tag involved, I’d recommend this. On the other hand, while I’m on the fence about the foundation, my mom likes it because of the sheer factor and Shiseido is one of her favourite brands.


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