So while I’m not exactly new to Amazon, yesterday was my first time ordering  and receiving said order as an Amazon Prime member (my other order consists of a present and is scheduled to arrive around July 5th ish). I had wondered about the Same day/1 day shipping option Amazon offers to it’s prime members and took advantage to choose that when ordering. Let’s get on to the review!
My Amazon Prime membership is actually their free 30 day trial, and I signed up for that because:

  • when I was ordering the gift it wasn’t enough for free shipping
  •  the other item that I had wanted to order (rabbit supplies) only shipped with $25+   worth of products
  • and paying for shipping on the gift made it more expensive and kind of not worth the price…
In reality though, I could’ve reached $25 or’s shipping minimum of $35 fairly easily. I just wanted to cut back spending on things that aren’t necessary, because I had done a small clothing and food haul just the week before. Reasonable right?
Moving on, what I (my mom really) ordered from amazon was the 2DS XL. I asked her to buy it for me because it was on sale on for $169.99, and because my DS lite (2007/2008 ish one) was kind of dying on me after nearly 10/11 years. Even with the sale, I would still consider it expensive. After taxes, the 2ds was $192.09 CAD which is about $12.09 more than  the 3DS when I got it.

What I ended up getting from Amazon was the Black and Blue 2DS XL and a set or accessories for the handheld gaming console.


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I had done a little research and calculated the price of the items in the set/bundle if I were to get them individually on other sites, the total of getting the accessories somewhere else compared to amazon was fairly close with a difference between $1 and 50 cents. Taking this into account, my mom and I opted to get the bundle from Amazon (Orzly) because it would arrive at the same time the console would. No need to wait months for each item to arrive separately!
Remember how I said I chose the 1-day  shipping option? It really did arrive in one day, I’m not even sure why I was expecting something else though Lol. I had come home from my Biology exam and was just sitting around when I decided to check the package update, and when I saw that it was delivered I was really confused. It had said ‘delivered to front door’ and that got me thinking that they left it in the condo’s lobby, so I panicked , got my shoes on and opened my door. Only to find it just outside.
I didn’t hear a knock or anything.  I don’t really feel fazed about it, but I probably would be a little ticked if I didn’t get  home until my usual  time. The condo’s a pretty safe place but I haven’t gotten to know my new neighbors yet so  being cautious when getting packages is a good thing I suppose. I feel that I’m just lucky to have checked the updates at that moment, if not I wouldn’t probably realize it’s there until an hour later.
Have you ordered anything  from Amazon before? Any stories (good or bad) to share? Let me know in the comments!


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