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Silk Cure for Us, also known as Silcus is an up-and-coming skincare brand from South Korea. They are a vegan-friendly brand and currently have three products up for sale, as part of their derma healing silk line. I got this product through the Picky Reviewer program in exchange for an honest review, so here we go!

I do want to specify that I was gifted this product through the Picky Reviewer program in exchange for an honest review on the product that’s to be shared on social media. My words here are all my own, and I am not being paid to make this blog post. You can find my disclosure policy here.
First off, I was super curious about this product but also cautious because it seemed like a very thick cream. I tend to shy away from really thick creams because while they are wonderful for Canadian winters, I have no use for them in the summer and it’s a waste. But I don’t regret giving the Silk Creamer a try.
Upon further research into the product, the Silk Creamer has a lot of amino acids that are supposed to boost collagen production, therefore smoothing out the skin and strengthening the skin barrier. I’m personally not a very technical person, so seeing the results happen is more of my thing. And boy did it deliver!
close up of the Silcus Cream


The cream is pretty thick like I suspected, but like its name, it has a silky feel to it so it wasn’t too uncomfortable.  It’s a bit off-white in colour and applies with absolutely no white cast, which can, unfortunately, be a problem with some creams. There’s a bit of a light powdery-floral scent to this, but it’s not overpowering and does dissipate after a few minutes.
I think it’s because of how thick the cream is, but it’s pretty tacky. I did a little paper bit dab test and I’ll include it below.


Don’t be discouraged by how many bits of coloured paper are stuck on my hand though, because the cream will kind of absorb a little bit more (you can also gently pat the cream in for faster absorption).
The cream got to me right as one of the coldest few weeks occurred in Toronto (this was sometime in January). Now, Toronto might not be the most northern city in Canada, but when the weather dips below -16*C (or  3.2*F) I found that it can greatly harm and sensitize your skin even with masks on. I work close to the lakefront, so the wind coming up from the lake brings the temperature down as well.
Normally, I use my Laneige Water Bank Moisture cream at the last step but it wasn’t enough, my face was red, irritated and sensitized like I’ve never seen before. I ended up trying the cream right away that night with my routine after spot-checking (please do a longer spot check guys, I was desperate lol), nothing really happened until the morning later.
My cheeks were a tad pink, but nothing too extreme.  But it didn’t feel tender to the touch like it normally would after a night of freezing temperatures. I’m certainly impressed with the cream, and I also use it (occasionally) on my hands. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone.

Overall, if you live in a pretty cold but not extreme climate, I recommend trying this cream out. It worked well for my combination skin, and I felt that it did a great job protecting my skin. However, like with other products out there, your mileage may vary if you choose to buy and use it.
Thank you to Picky and Silcus for letting me try this product!


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