If you’re following any k-beauty/Korean skincare influencers this brand may sound familiar, so many people have tried this. I got the chance to try this ampoule through the Picky Reviewer Program in exchange for an honest review, so here we go!

First off, I love the packaging, it’s got images of the desert and looks awesome. The bottle is glass with a dropper, and unlike some brands, the dropper is still working fine months later.

Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule

There’s about 55mL of product, which is the standard I guess. The Ampoule is a little yellowish in colour, and to me, has no scent to it.

The ampoule is pretty runny/watery and it also sinks into the skin quickly which is great. It’s not heavy at all on the skin and overall it’s nicely moisturizing for the summer months, but I think you’ll need to layer it for winter. Or at the very least add another serum if you have dry skin.

Skin1004 Ampoule

According to the packaging and promotional things you’ll see, the Centella ampoule from Skin 1004 has quite a few functions. Its main ingredient is Centella Asiatica, it’s supposed to help regulate the skin’s water-oil balance and has moisturizing properties.

Since it’s also pretty much Centella, I also assumed that there’s a bit of redness and acne reduction there. There was a lot I was expecting this ampoule to do honestly…

The first thing I noticed is that this ampoule didn’t really give a fast redness-reducing effect, but it did a fair job to reduce pimples. And as I mentioned earlier, it’s fairly moisturizing (especially for my combination skin) but it’s also a product that’s great for all skin types.

On especially stressful (skin) days, I typically layer this ampoule twice so it’s more “useful”. And luckily that’s easy to do since the ampoule isn’t sticky!

Overall, I like the serum. It’s a great starter product for those first trying Centella and the price isn’t super expensive or anything. The design of the packaging and bottle also makes it a great gift too.

SKIN 1004 – Madagascar Centella Asiatica 100 Ampoule Korea Edition 100ml – $16.88
from: YesStyle.com


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