A new brand and another Picky review to start the new year, hopefully, the first of many this year. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be able to try out as many brands and products that I have since starting this blog years ago, now let’s dive right in!

As usual with a Picky review, I received this product for free from Picky and The Skin House through the Picky Reviewer Program in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Skin House is an entirely new brand to me and like always, I like to take a little look into the brand itself. The Skin House is a brand that focuses on skin improvement by using natural, gentle, and scientifically proven ingredients for the skin. And when taking a look at their product line it’s kinda clear with ingredients such as these in their products; green tea, snail mucin, lemon and aloe.

The Skin House's Wrinkle Supreme Toner, look at that beautiful black-red ombre!
The Skin House’s Wrinkle Supreme Toner, look at that beautiful black-red ombre!
The Skin House's Wrinkle Supreme Toner; the red scratches is pretty aesthetic.
The Skin House’s Wrinkle Supreme Toner; the red scratches is pretty aesthetic.

Today, we’ll be looking at The Skin House’s Wrinkle Supreme Toner. My first impression is that this is a very aesthetic product based on the pictures I saw before I got it, it comes in an off-white box with red “scratchings” along the top of it. The bottle itself is also beautiful to look at, it’s a glass black-to-red ombre pump bottle and quite a bit chunkier than the pump bottles I’m used to. It’s about $22 CAD on their amazon storefront and the bottle is a 130mL bottle, a little small but I think the consistency makes up for it.

The Skin House's Wrinkle Supreme Toner's consistency; looks like a serum.
The Skin House’s Wrinkle Supreme Toner’s consistency; looks like a serum.

The toner itself is actually thick, more like a serum or ampoule and is this clear-milky white colour. It’s supposed to be made from a variety of mushrooms and ginseng and is meant to help firm up your face and to prevent wrinkles since it is an anti-aging product. The marketed benefit of using wrinkle supreme toner (aside from the anti-aging, anti-wrinkle formula) is that it doesn’t feel sticky after being applied. It leaves more of a plump but non-sticky finish on the skin.

It may not seem like a big deal but as someone who has the opportunity to try out their mom’s skincare products from time to time, sticky formulations are not uncommon with anti-aging skincare/toners. It’s not a big portion of the market from what I can tell, but there’s the occasional product my mom ends up struggling to use because of the stickiness (she’s got oily skin and she feels like it bogs her down). So it being a non-sticky formula is great.

The wrinkle supreme toner does have a fairly strong “green” scent though, it does dissipate after application and is reminiscent of other anti-aging type products. I think it (the scent) might be the combination of the mushrooms and ginseng, but either way, it’s there and I know that people who are sensitive to scents in products might find it overwhelming so beware.

I’ve used the toner for about two weeks or so before writing this review and I think there are some promising results from it thus far, my skin does feel a little plumper than it did before but I don’t expect any wrinkle reversal or etc in that time. I do have some wrinkles on my forehead from frowning a lot (during reading, it’s a bad habit) so I’ll be looking out for any changes in the meantime while finishing out this product. Unless my mom decides she wants the toner of course lol.

Overall, I think The Skin House is a brand to watch for the future because its products and etc are promising. The wrinkle supreme toner was great, felt nice on the skin, and I think a little goes a long way with how serum-like it is. The scent of it might be a problem for some people, but if you’ve had scented anti-aging products before and are fine with it I don’t think you’ll have a problem with this. I may look into getting some of their other products in the future to try, like their marine or pore care line but overall I recommend this!


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