Hello hello! I’m back with another review on a long-awaited (on my end) product, and a sunscreen at that! Summer is not over yet and there’s never such a thing as too much sunscreen, so let’s get onto it.

Before starting, I do have to inform you that I got this product from Picky and Skin1004 for free through the Picky Reviewer Program in exchange for my honest review.

The brand Skin1004 is not a stranger to the blog, in fact, I’ve reviewed a lot of their skincare products over the course of a few years. But since it’s summer, I think it’s fitting that the next product reviewed will be their latest sunscreen. Skin1004’s Madagascar Centella Hyalu-Cica Water-Fit Sun Serum.

Skin1004 sun serum packaging
Skin1004 sun serum packaging

At first glance, you’ll see that the packaging for the sun serum has an image of the ocean and it’s pretty easy to guess that this sun serum is supposed to be moisturizing for your skin. Like other products from Skin1004, there’s also a focus on Cica, which, I find, is a winning combination. The packaging of the sun serum itself also reflects the outer packaging with a white tube and a blue cap and pump combo.

I’ve never personally used a sun serum that comes with a pump tube, they’ve almost all been squeeze tubes thus far, so this will be new. The first impression of the outside is that it’s a nice small size to put in your bag or travel with. However, the cap for the pump is a little wiggly, so there’s a chance it could be knocked off while in a bag or if you travel with it. For reference, there is 50mL of product in the tube.

Skin1004 sun serum tube
Skin1004 sun serum tube

The pump pumps out about a pea-sized amount of product so you’ll likely have to use it multiple times to get enough sunscreen on your face. The texture of the sunscreen is like that of a serum, but I would actually say it’s more of a serum-cream texture than a serum sun. They’re both pretty similar but this sunscreen has a little bit more body to it than what people usually think a sun serum is like.

Skin1004 sun serum texture
Skin1004 sun serum texture

It’s really easy to spread out and apply onto your face, and it sinks in at a decent amount of time too. The sun serum doesn’t leave a white cast, but the more you apply, the more time it takes for it to sink in. I recommend applying this after you’ve gotten dressed for the day/ready to go out and then wait around for it to settle since it does have a slight initial tackiness to it. Nothing that’s super noticeable though.

The finish of the sun serum is actually pretty good in my opinion, it’s supposed to be a dewy finish (which I usually avoid because it makes me look oily) but it’s not too dewy. It’s actually really good to use for the summer if you want to look a little dewy/fresh, and I found that this didn’t make me look too oily after a few hours, so that’s a bonus.

There doesn’t seem to be a scent with the sunscreen, or if there is one, it’s too faint for me to tell so I don’t think there would be anything to worry about there.

Overall, I think this is a pretty solid sunscreen for the summer. I’ve found (after a few test runs outside) that the cica in the sun serum have helped with some redness/breakouts I’ve had over the course of a few weeks. I would highly recommend trying this out, especially if you haven’t found your summer holy grail sunscreen yet. Thank you to both Picky and Skin1004 for giving me the chance to try out this sun serum!


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