Spring is officially here! And it means warmer weather is to come sooner or later. However, until then the weather will be a weird combination of warm spring days or cold winter-like days. Here’s a guide on how to level up your skincare during this season, and a quick peek into some makeup!
Skincare and Makeup for spring 2021

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Spring Skincare

I feel like a lot of people make the very easy mistake of switching to lighter moisturizers too early in the season, and it eventually leading to a drier face and flakes. Though it could be unrelated. But personally, I don’t switch moisturizers until the weather evens out and stays above the negative temperatures. I found that it helped to keep my face from becoming sensitive to the cold (it’s more moisturized and protected) and from being very dry/flakey.


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I normally switch to Belif’s Aqua Bomb for the spring/summer and double layer the moisturizer during colder days, or if I had Laneige’s Water Bank Moisture Cream (click for review) I would do a thinner layer of that. This year I’m going to be testing out the Silcus Derma-Healing Silk Creamer (click for review) for Spring (it’s too thick for summer), I have a feeling that it should do very well for the Spring season.
Tip 1: Keep moisturizing your skin with a thicker moisturizer until the weather evens out, it’s easier to control an oily face than to moisturize on the go sometimes! **Don’t forget about your lips too! Chapstick/lip balm is your friend this season!**
Another thing that I see people not doing (and I’m also guilty of this lol) that’s brought over from the Winter season is not wearing your SPF! Think about it as another layer of moisturizer, that also protects your skin from the sun. You should also be wearing it during cloudy days too.
I don’t have one that I really like at the moment, but I apply Botanic Twenty’s Sunscreen at home before I leave and carry a sun-stick (Etude House’s Double Cut UV Stick) for easier re-application at school or at work. I know it’s annoying and inconvenient, but sun protection!
Tip 2: Keep up that SPF protection! Use whichever one you like best.


Makeup for Spring

I’ve never been much of an avid makeup wearer, but I can’t help but stay up to date with some of the trending products and styles.
While it’s not *quite* a makeup product, this Dr. Jart Cicapair Re-Cover cream has been gaining popularity over on Tik Tok and Instagram. It’s a cream that goes on the green but turns into a pink-beige skin-like tint after being applied, and it’s supposed to protect, soothe and strengthen your skin.

Dr.jart+ Cicapair Re-cover 55ml

from: Jolse (Barunson Co., Ltd)
Some small businesses in Canada that I follow have already sold out of this product, and it truly makes me wonder if it’s as good as it seems since it’s being hyped about so much. If you’ve tried it let me know, I’m curious!
With the new reality of masks being worn any time we go out in public, I feel like there’s a bigger push for makeup products to be made so that they can survive under a mask. That is, without having to use so many products to prevent a lot of transfer and etc. I think most companies have lipsticks down, but blush and foundation seem to be hit or miss lately.
Laneige’s Neo Cushion (Matte) blew up late last year online because the formula of the product allowed for better adherence onto the skin, and less transfer onto the face mask. I can attest to the fact that it does transfer a lot less than normal cushions/foundations I’ve tried, but some shades have been a little harder to grab lately.
I hope this helps you better prepare your skincare or makeup routine for the Spring season, stay safe everyone!

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