These sesh evo earbuds were my first big planned purchase last year but also a bit of a splurge. I hadn’t seen many reviews for this product or comparisons so I decided to give it a go. Hope this helps!


I’ve personally felt neutral about Audiobooks until I recently got the Libby app and started borrowing E-books and Audiobooks from the Toronto Public Library. I started listening to audiobooks to go into a calmer mode before work and I thoroughly enjoy that so far, however, I didn’t think my headphones were right for it.
If you’re new, I was gifted AirPods when I was in High School. They’re the original type no charging case and I enjoyed using them for phone calls and listening to music until I started realizing how loud my volume was.
With AirPods, when I listen to music while commuting the volume was close to 60%, when I listened to audiobooks while commuting the volume was close to 70%-80%! I also noticed that hearing in my right ear seemed to be less sensitive than the left (I used the right earbuds more). It worried me a bit when I realized that continuing this long-term could potentially affect my hearing, but I wasn’t 100% sure.
At this point, I had been working for close to 3-4 months and had been steadily earning paychecks, and since it was close to Black Friday I hoped to get a good deal on new headphones that I wouldn’t need to turn up the volume on. There were three that I was trying to choose from, all of which were from Skullcandy which I’ve had a positive experience with before.
My choices were between the ‘Sesh Evo’ Wireless Earbuds (retails for $89.99), the ‘Push True’ Wireless Earbuds (retails for $149.99) and the ‘Sesh True’ Wireless Earbuds (retails for $69.99). I personally liked all the features of each, and was leaning between the ‘Sesh Evo’ and the ‘Push True’ but I was a little wary about the price and design of the ‘Push True’. I ended up settling on the ‘Sesh Evo’ and waited for a sale.
Luckily for me, I managed to get them on sale at Best Buy as opposed to the Skullcandy site where it was still sold at full price. I got them on sale for $49.99 CAD, and the final price was $56.49 after-tax, I opted to pick them up in-store on my way to work than to chance it being delivered in case it got stolen.
The case is slim but seemed bulky beside the AirPods I’ve been used to. I really like that there are light indicators on the case so you can see how much charge there is, considering AirPods don’t have that and I frequently forget to charge it. The earbuds are also those push-in suction-types ones and I haven’t had those in a really really long time, took some getting used to them after having used AirPods and etc for so long.
Now, there were two selling factors for me that made me look at this one over the others. First, it offers 3 EQ modes; music, podcast and movie that will focus on boosting certain parts of the audio for your own enjoyment. While it wasn’t an “audiobook” mode, I thought podcasts and audiobooks could be considered similar enough to enjoy podcast mode for my audiobooks. The second selling point was the built-in Tile technology.
If you don’t know about Tile it’s basically this product/system that helps you track down missing items through your phone. I’ve been hearing about them for a while and I know many people buy the tiles for their keys. While I don’t lose my keys, I ALWAYS forget earbuds somewhere, whether it be work, school or at home. I figured paying an extra $20 from the ‘Sesh True’ would be worth it for that.
Since using the new headphones, my volume level is only 10-30% on the right side and 10-20% on the left. Compared to the AirPods that’s a big improvement in my opinion, and I’ve been pretty satisfied with my purchase.

Now to the cons, at the time I purchased them from Best Buy, they (Best Buy) only had the earbuds in black while the site had 4 colours total I believe. The case when closing it has a louder “click” sound than AirPods and I thought I cracked it or something the first time I opened/closed it. It takes 4 clicks to change EQ modes and it’s so easy to miss one click by accident and activate voice control.
These are cons in my opinion but they aren’t that serious, I think. I actually hate using the Sesh Evo to take calls, I can’t seem to regulate how loud I’m being and there seemed to be moments where it doesn’t pick up words unless you say it loudly. Secondly, it was a feat to acclimate to the Sesh Evo and it takes a while to acclimate back to regular earbuds or AirPods if you switch back and forth like me. It also seems to “glitch” a little if you use it for Duolingo and kind of blast through the lessons with audio parts, not sure how to describe it.

Overall, I’m very pleased with it. It’s the best earbud I’ve had so far to listen to audiobooks with, but I feel like if you’re particular with how ebooks sound, you should probably skip this option and opt for others out there. But if you’re a student on a budget and willing to save up or put aside some money for earbuds to listen to music/audiobooks too, this would be worth it until you upgrade to something better. I would probably stick to this compared to the other more expensive options out there, but that’s probably because I’m not super picky about audiobook sound.
Overall, I would recommend them but wait for a good sale!


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