It’s been a while, and I mean a while, since I last bought candy from Squish.  Reason being,  I don’t typically indulge on gummies and I think I ended up buying like 6 or so little packs during a sale. Boy did they last a while lol. But now we’re back, and trying out two flavours that were sold out when I bought from the brand last year. Let’s see if they’re as good as I hope they are!

Not gonna lie, I was really excited to try these. I ordered them on November 29th (Black Friday) and the promotion was Buy 3 Get 1 Free and Free Shipping with no minimum. I did plan to possibly get 4 and take advantage of the deal, but a lot of the ones I wanted to try were already gone or were sold in medium sized bags.
I ended up only getting two, since there was free shipping anyways, and the total ended up being $13.56 CAD. Not the cheapest, but keep in mind that these would be considered as gourmet candy so if that’s your thing/weakness, I’ll say it’s a pretty good deal. If you aren’t really a fan of gourmet candy but would like to try it, I would recommend scouting for a sale or joint ordering with someone.
With that being said, the order was processed the next Monday (Dec 2nd) and it was at my door on December 8th (Sunday) it essentially took about a week to arrive at my door.  The two flavours I got this time was Grapefruit + Blood Orange and Banana Orange. And what’s more, is that I found a Candy Cane thrown in! They’re one of my favourites and I tend to stock up in December so; thank you to the team at Squish!
Grapefruit + Blood Orange caught my eye because of the two fruit flavours, and I’ve never tried them before. Banana Orange wasn’t something I would’ve planned on getting but I was really intrigued by the description; a gummy that’s half chewy and half gooey? Count me in! Here’s what they look like:
Honestly, my pictures of the gummies themselves don’t do it enough justice because the lighting was kind of bad. But they taste pretty good! Grapefruit + Blood Orange has a very tangy fruity flavour to it, and Banana Orange is similar, but more toned down due to the Banana.
The texture is also different between the two flavours. GBO is a much softer type of gummy, and one bite essentially cuts it in half. But Banana Orange is true to the description and has this gooey-chewy texture going on, I’m not really sure how to describe it actually. 
My favourite though, would have to be GBO. I really like the tangy flavour when compared to the subtler flavours in Banana Orange, but my mom seems to prefer Banana Orange because of it’s texture.

Anyways, that’s all for my review for these two Squish Candies.  I may have a “Quick Morning Routine” post out soon, and some tips to study for exams on my other blog that I’ll link when that post is out.


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