A while back a video surfaced on the internet with people poking and rubbing this squishy that is attached to a phone case. Per usual it got big and it was interesting enough that I got it. The price ranges anywhere from $3-$25 which honestly is baffling, $25 for a squishy phone case? Anyways here’s my review on it and some tips to keep it clean and etc.
This is the squishy phone case I got for my iPhone 6s. Both fit perfectly and the case is one of those bendable ones. It’s honestly, adorable and when I have it at school it receives mixed reviews. It’s honestly fun to see your friend’s reactions when they see the case and poke it for the first time. It can be so addicting to poke too.

I got them from a seller on aliexpress for $4.32 each and free shipping. Arrived pretty quickly as well (give or take 2 weeks after it left china). On one of the ads I’d clicked on Instagram the case goes for $10 plus shipping, which I honestly wouldn’t buy….I mean…$10 and $8 (Canadian standard shipping) can buy you food…But if you prefer to get it through those other stores, that’s fine, your opinion.

So first thing, the squishy is actually pretty sticky so it does manage to pick up anything and almost everything. At the end of the day the poor squishy is black from lint and dust, but it’s pretty easy to clean. Tip: to clean a squishy case, take it off your phone and rinse with warm water (soap is optional) and use your finger to help rub off the lint. Then dab at it to try it with a towel or paper towel.

The good thing about the squishy case is that it lessens the strain of holding my phone on my pinky and ring fingers. When I hold my phone for a long period of time in my right hand, my last two fingers start cramping at the joints. However I’ve noticed that it has completely stopped when I got the new cases. It could be just a coincidence though, so don’t buy the case just because of that.

My one complaint is that the face of the squishies are painted on, because of that it is so easy for the paint to peel off or rub off. The poor cat squishy is literally faceless now! There is a difference in how squishy the different animals/figures are, the cat is a lot softer than the seal but the seal creases less.

So in all honesty, it’s a pretty cute case. $4 for the case is a reasonable (probably really cheap) price so if you are looking to save your money, shop around and see where the cheapest one is.

Have you gotten a squishy case? Or do you have the slow rising squishies? Let me know how you feel about them down in the comments below!


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