As of yesterday, Starbucks released their new Zombie Frappuccino in stores (at least the one near my school did). Already there’s been a lot of mixed reviews with some loving the drink, and some hating it. However, there seems to be A LOT of people who are in the middle about the Zombie Frappuccino. Here’s the first impression.
I’m a little late to try the Zombie Frappe, however, better late than never! After a little research, it had seemed as if the Zombie Frappe was an acquired taste. After hearing that it was supposed to taste like green apple and caramel I was a little scared at first, my previous experiences with green apple flavors weren’t…that great. The flavors were either too tart or they would leave behind a weird aftertaste.
Thus while waiting for the frappe to be assembled, I was more than nervous. Would it have been too tart? Or would it have a bad aftertaste? What about both?! Of course when the frappe was finished (it was really quick considering the after-school rush) I was a little reluctant to start the taste test.
The green color of the frappe reminded me of the green tea frappe, which is random considering it should be green apple flavored. While comparing what I got to the promo pictures on Instagram I could see a little difference in color. In the promo pictures, the drink was much darker which kind of threw me off when I first got my drink.
The moment before I tried the Zombie Frappe I began preparing myself for the taste of tart green apple, only, it wasn’t bad. Before I knew it, half of the frappe was gone. I mean I got a tall size but I normally don’t drink any iced drinks very quickly (brain freeze). It wasn’t exactly sour and at the same time, it wasn’t exactly sweet. It was. . . Okay. There were some parts of the frappe that was slightly sour but I’m guessing that could be from not mixing the powder into the drink enough. The taste was hard to describe, in the end the closest I could relate the taste to was a push pop.
In the end, the drink was Okay. It wasn’t bad right off the bat, however, I would understand why there are some people who don’t like it. I probably wouldn’t get this again, however, I wouldn’t really consider it a waste of money since I got a tall size and finished it.
If you do decide to try it and you aren’t sure if you’d like it, go for a tall instead of your go-to frappuccino size. You would still be spending money on it, but it would be less money than if you bought your go-to size (if for example your go-to size was a venti). Or use your star rewards points to get it if you want to. Have you tried this frappe? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!


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