The entirety of last week was my study break. I never even knew that post secondary schools even offered that, I don’t know if it’s a semester thing but I’m not complaining. I spent most of that week at home though, and only went out twice during the weekdays. The rest of the time, I was studying or just reading for fun.

My first time leaving the house last week was on Wednesday, and that was to go to an appointment at a salon to re-dye my roots. Originally I was quoted $70, but my hair grew longer than both my stylist and I thought and the she quoted for $100 maybe higher, on that visit.
Unfortunately, the red didn’t take (non-bleach dyeing, I have no idea how this works but it does lol) but the brown portion of the dye did take and when my hair dried down it turned into a chocolate-caramel type colour. Just enough colour to be visible but dark enough to not be very “in your face”
One thing that I didn’t really pay attention to before, but noticed now, was that when styling/straightening my hair, the stylist used what looked to be a metal hair straightener (the plates are metal). I ended up looking it up, and supposedly for some hair types the metal plates makes the hair straighter for longer periods of time.
I’ll likely end up buying one somewhere to test it out so I’ll let you guys know later.

My second time venturing out of the house, was to go around town with a friend. The first place we visited was close to my old high school, and we ended up buying some bubble tea from there. It’s made from frosted milk and contains pudding, caramel and tapioca.
The boba was good at first but after a short while they started to have a weirder gummier texture, I think you’ll know what I mean, but it’s similar to having boba that’s been out in the cold for a while. Other than that, the drink was still great!
Our next stop was the St. Lawrence Market, and it was the first time I had ever been there. I wanted to go in the past but I think they were renovating so my dad and I just passed by the building. This time around we took a short stroll around the first floor and the lower level, and then decided on a place to eat.
I ended up getting fish and chips from a stall near the back (impossible to miss) and also a Lobster Bisque, the stall itself is pretty busy and there are limited bar seats and tables nearby. Total for my meal was about $20 which isn’t bad, because it was a lot and I ended up carrying the fish and chips around town.
We had a stop at Eaton Centre for a little bit and then made our way to Queen & Spadina for some fondue. I’ve always wanted to try fondue, and the first time I saw fondue was in Cuba but I never got the chance to try it out. When we came back from our vacation, I tried looking around for some cheese or chocolate fondue places but their were a little too pricey or too far away.
There’s a Cacao 70 along Queen St. near Spadina, and I’ve seen another store at the Christmas Market grounds. I thought the price for the chocolate fondue was fair, so we ended up trying it. There’s a lot of “for two” type fondue combos available from the chain, but it was a little much for our semi-full stomachs.

We both ended up getting the Earl Grey Fondue, and the “double” set comes with 2 chocolate fondues, 4 cups of fruit, waffle bites and a brownie. The Earl Grey chocolate fondue was a nice grey-purple colour, and it was sweet but also retained the slight bitterness from the tea. The fruits given in the little cups were; bananas, strawberries and pineapples.
It was also my first time trying Pineapples, but everything ended up being smothered in Earl Grey Chocolate. The waffle bites were pretty good, but my absolute favourite out of all we had for the fondue was the waffle and brownie bites. The brownie was very decadent but it wasn’t very sweet.

Honestly, I would recommend going and trying the chocolate fondue at Cacao 70 one day. Maybe during the Christmas market? I’m fairly sure the pricing is about the same for most if not all of the stores. If you’re not a fan of very sweet chocolate, I’d recommend the Earl Grey. If you can handle your own with chocolate, I’d recommend trying the half white half milk chocolate (if they have it).
~ I’ll See You In The Next One!


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