Stylevana is a site that sells K-Beauty and Skincare items that I recently found out about back in August this year. I was on the hunt for Rom&nd’s Glasting Water Tint which was flying off the shelves everywhere, and many places had high-demand colours sold out or were selling them at a very marked up price. Someone over on Reddit recommended this site so I gave it a try, read on to see what my experience was!

Let me just say that it was kind of hard to get the tints this August, at least for me that is. I knew places like Sukoshi Mart was selling them but at one point the only colour I really wanted was sold out. I was a little wary of Stylevana because it was the first I’d heard of it, and I’ve been a longtime customer of Yesstyle so it was a brand new experience buying elsewhere.
I was looking for the colour #08 Rose Stream which looked to be this pinky-red that made your lips look like you just had a red popsicle. I also ended up buying Rom&nd’s Zero Matte Lipstick in #03 Silhouette, which didn’t seem to be sold anywhere in Canada at the time.
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Stylevana ships out of Hong Kong for those who don’t know, which is the same case for Yesstyle. However, at that time Yesstyle’s free shipping minimum was higher than before (it’s a $215 CAD minimum for free shipping right now, so I think it was $75 CAD back in August) so I was worried it would be the same for Stylevana. However, Stylevana’s free shipping minimum is $68 CAD and the standard shipping fee to Canada is $9.99 or $25 for express (extra $30 for remote areas) so it wasn’t that bad.
They also offer shipping (?) insurance which is 4% of the order subtotal, I don’t remember if I went with that option so I’m going to assume I didn’t.  Most packages shipping from Stylevana are supposed to arrive between 6-14 business days after being shipped, or 3-7 business days for express shipping. One thing to note is that this doesn’t include processing time, and you also have to beware of the stock status.
Under “Customer Care” at the bottom of the website, there’s a ‘shipping and delivery’  section that outlines the different stock statuses products can have.  If you need something fast, aim for #1-3; in stock (usually shipped within 24hrs), limited stock (usually shipped within 24hrs, low stock) and usually shipped within 2-6 working days. These are processing times (essentially) for your order and adds to how long it’ll be before it arrives at your door.
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This was probably the fastest shipping time I’ve ever seen if you ignore the initial processing/wait time. This is amazing considering that there were already limited flights and countless shipping delays. I wasn’t in a rush to get both products so I was fine waiting 30 days or so as the product status stated. I got them for about $12-$13 CAD each, which is a reasonable price. The average price for them is $13-$18 CAD depending on where you get it, and on any deals/discounts, they would have.

Overall, based on this one order and some reviews on Reddit, Stylevana is a pretty good place to order some Korean skincare and makeup items. Like with shopping on any new site, take a look around for shipping information and discount coupons and do a price comparison with a few other websites to get the best option. I will probably use this as a second or third choice site when I need to get anything. I hope this gives you enough information about the website for Canadian and International shoppers!


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