I was very bored one Sunday and decided to take a chance to watch some YouTube haul videos from a YouTuber, who just so happened to be Canadian by the way! And in that particular video, she was doing a haul of subscription boxes. There were only two mentioned but I was pretty fascinated with the whole idea of the subscription boxes.
Even with my fascination of them, I couldn’t help but be slightly skeptical. Because while I wouldn’t mind being subscribed to a subscription box service when I get situated (with a paying job and etc), I would probably only get one box to try first. I did some research into some subscription boxes, and many don’t seem to have an option to buy only one box (that can ship to Canada that is).
But I know that there’s an option to cancel the subscription so I guess I’m just overthinking things, but I will say that I would feel awkward doing it, especially if I know there’s a chance that I’d want to re-open that subscription someday. Once again though, I’m probably overthinking things.
In total, I found 12 subscription boxes that I would be interested in that would (supposedly) ship to Canada. However from that list of 12, about half of them still piqued my interest after doing a look around on their site. Some of their prices were within $40-ish which was my cut-off point, but I became super picky based on a few factors and ended up only being truly interested in these boxes; Carnivore Club, Oatbox, Naked Snacks and Evive Smoothies. I actually ended up ordering some candy from Squish, and might be making an order from one of the four subscription boxes above.
I’ll be making a post about ordering from Squish Candies around the time I get the package, but until then, stay tuned!


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