And, it’s another subscription box review! Though this was a little more recent, because I got this on the 15th and promptly finished a bag of healthy snacks….which kind of contradicted what I wanted to do. I saw a subscription box review blog mentioning this and added it to the list of potential boxes I’d like to try, mainly because it’s a food item and you can’t really go wrong with food. However, I tend to run to easy and slightly unhealthy snacks when I want something to munch on, so I had hoped this would be a better alternative.
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My first thought was that it was slightly pricey, but not as bad as the smoothie box (nothing against either one though, because they were both good). It’s approx. $32 (lowest tier) a month and I’m fairly sure you can easily find codes to get $10 off your first order. Speaking of which, you can use my code  malisassd  to get $10 off your first order if you’re interested!
I believe I placed the order for the box on March 7th, and I received the delivery notice on the 14th. So depending on your location (company is located in Vancouver I believe) it could take up to a week to arrive, not bad, it’s actually faster than I’d expect honestly.
They have 24 different snacks/snack mixes in total, and for the lowest subscription tier you can choose 5 to receive monthly and these selections can be changed. For my first order I got two bags of Honeybee Sprinkles, one bag of Wholesome Yogi, one bag of Orchard Apple Rings and one bag of Maple Praline Almonds. I think it’s also recommended that anyone with nut allergies are to refrain from ordering because the factory also processes nuts and cross contamination is possible, so please keep that in mind.

Bag Breakdown

Honeybee Sprinkles: Slow-roasted pumpkin & sunflower seeds sprinkled with cinnamon and cane sugar.
Wholesome Yogi: Almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, yogurt chips and dried cranberries.
Orchard Apple Rings: Sun dried apple rings.
Maple Praline Almonds: Roasted almonds, maple syrup and cane sugar.
I loved all of them with the exception of the apple rings because they were gone by the time I went to grab a snack, so I assume they were loved as well. My favourites out of all that I’ve tried is Wholesome Yogi and Honeybee Sprinkles, because they were a perfect balance of savory and sweet.  I did enjoy the Maple Praline Almonds however, they were a lot more dense and sweet compared to the others. I would still recommend it but it may take longer to finish that bag.

Overall, for the price and everything else, I would recommend getting this to try (or at least checking if they sell bags at a local store or something) especially if you aren’t allergic to nuts and etc, and if you’re looking for healthier snacks. However, because some items contain nuts, certain mixes probably aren’t allowed at school, and they probably aren’t the best for sharing if you don’t know someone’s allergies.


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