I think I mentioned Oatbox back when I first looked into ordering subscription boxes, but I can’t remember why I never bought it. Anyways, similarly to Squish Candies and Evive Smoothies, Oatbox ships out of Quebec. They kind of specialize in breakfast oatmeal/oats/granola, and release new/special flavours every month.

Essentially Oatbox sells teas, coffee, oats/oatmeal, granola bars and granola.  They focus on creating clean, healthy and authentic breakfasts. From the way I’ve seen them mentioned, I think they’re products are for people on the go or looking for healthier options.
For this December Discovery box from Oatbox​ I got the matcha & white chocolate  oatmeal, gingerbread granola and a taster pack of cereal bars. In total, there were about 6 packers of oatmeal, 1 large bag of gingerbread and 3 granola bars.
If I’m not mistaken, I think usually first orders will receive a glass oatbox jar (let me know otherwise if I’m mistaken) but because it’s the holiday season, they don’t give  it out. So I ended up getting 6 granola bars instead, not complaining because they were really good. I think if I order again, I’ll probably end up adding the glass jar into the box.
Now before we get started, let me just inform you guys that this is actually the first time I’m ever trying oatmeal. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was a perfect balance of matcha flavour and white chocolate sweetness. The granola…I’m not so sure of. I like the flavour, but I’m not quite sure how to enjoy it. Though, it tasted pretty much like gingerbread but a little toned down.
I’ve been eating some mixed with cereal, and sprinkled on top of ​ yogurt. If you guys have any other ideas/recipes to eat granola, let me know in the comments!
The granola bars were a big surprise for me though. The day I showed the granola to my dad, he practically polished off two of the granola bars (he loves the pear flavour).  I’m on the fence for the Banana-Chocolate flavour because I’m not that big of a fan for that particular combo in the first place.

All in all, if you’re the type that wants/needs a “breakfast on the go” type thing. This is perfect. There are different subscription choices (I chose the lowest and you can change what’s going on the order within a degree) so you can choose one best fit for you.
I have a referral link/code thing you can use to get $10 or so off your first box if you’re interested, if not, that’s okay! Next blog post should be out Jan 1st or 2nd (which is earlier) and then the regularly scheduled one will be on Jan 4th.


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