Before the New Year I was out looking for a good eye-shadow blending brush to buy on Sephora’s mobile app. Somehow I ended up getting a lipstick set from Tarte as well when ordering, and after finally finding time I managed to do some swatches and sit down to write a first impressions.
At first I had thought there would be four full sized ones, which would’ve been bad since I had a lot of lip products already. However when I realized that there were pretty small, it was both bitter sweet. The pro about it being small is that I won’t have four full sized lipsticks waiting around to be used. The con however, would be that if someone were expecting them to be full sized, it would’ve been a little disappointing. The set retails for about $25 CAD, however I am not sure if it’s still being sold from Sephora since it’s supposed to be a limited edition item.

Swatches (L-R): Jetset, Sandals, Soaked and Margs.

Click here to see the official swatches on the Tarte Cosmetics website.
The lipsticks are very creamy, however they will cling to any dry skin that’s on the lips, so I would suggest exfoliating and/or moisturizing your lips before applying. I also have a hunch that they accentuate the fine lines on your lips a little more, however I don’t have enough experience with lipsticks to say for sure. The lipsticks will stain a little bit, especially the first three; Jetset, Sandals and Soaked.
In my opinion, I feel I could wear Margs as an every day colour. Out of the four, I feel that Soaked and Margs could be used for everyday wear, and Jetset and Sandals could be for those special confidence boosting occasions. However, if you already know what colour you’re going to use first, go right ahead and rock it!
Have you gotten the Mermaid Kisses set? Let me know what you think in the comments! Or leave a comment on the set’s picture on my instagram!


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