I’ll be honest, it’s safe to say that many people are/were hesitant to venture out this Boxing Day to get deals and all that because of the increase in cases, however in my case there were some things that my mom and I ended up venturing out for that were harder to get online. Here’s just a small haul.

First, we went to Eaton Centre really early on because they have the reasonably closest La Vie en Rose store, and even at 1 PM the mall was pretty crowded. We probably got there a little later than we should’ve because a lot of items that we were looking for were sold out of sizes. After that stop, we didn’t stop by any other store and headed straight up to Yorkdale. (We wanted to stay closer to home and avoid eating out in a crowded place if possible)

Boxing Day wasn’t as crazy as during the previous years but it was also clear that promotions weren’t as good too. You could still find some gems though. But by the time we got to Yorkdale, the crowds had descended. My mom hadn’t eaten much that morning so after stopping by Just Cozy and grabbing some leggings for her, we stopped by Konjiki Ramen.

Avocado ramen (top) and Black Garlic Tonkatsu (bottom)

I’ve eaten their ramen before at their downtown location but this was a first for my mom. We each ordered ramen (Black Tonkatsu for me and the Avocado Vegetarian ramen for my mom) and a serving of chicken karage to share. My mom opted to try their Peach soda and it was pretty good! Very light and refreshing, but not too sweet. We went there right as it started to get busy so it took a while for us to get our food, I recommend visiting during non-lunch time hours.

My ramen was great and my mom’s ramen was…interesting lol. I’m not really sure how to describe it, but I prefer smoky flavours for ramen so maybe that’s why I wasn’t that big of a fan. We then hit up Kate Spade and after much deliberation, I ended up getting a backpack for work and etc. It’s fairly large and has a compartment for a thin laptop or tablet (my laptop won’t fit though because it’s those chunky gaming ones).

The backpack is a nice grey-beige colour, but looks more like a pink-beige in some lighting. The backpack also has some interior pockets and one of them is elastic, not sure what that can hold but I plan on using a tote/bag organizer with it. I think the promotion price was $180 CAD after-tax, so that’s a great deal! I go to work on Jan 2nd and cannot wait to use it.

Afterwards, we were thinking of going to the food court so I could treat us both to that frosted lemonade from Chil-Fil-A but the lineup was insane. We tried to go to Uniqlo too but again, crazy lineup, and we just opted to go home and finish shopping online.

Technically, my boxing day/week shopping started the day before the actual date since I did order stuff online but anyways! I ended up placing two separate orders on Dynamite, one of them was mostly for my mom and the other because something I thought was out of stock suddenly came back in stock and I absolutely jumped at the chance.

You may have to look up these products to see what they look like.

I got my mom a sweater vest for $20, the Gianna satin blouse in Sienna Rock for $20, and the Veneto romper in Deep Taupe for $25. The second order was for the Sussex halter tank in spring grey mix ($10), the Munroe Henley crop tank also in spring grey mix ($10) and the Satin Midi Skirt in polished pearl ($30). The skirt was something that I’ve been eyeing since Black Friday promotions, but I missed out on getting it. The original colour I wanted was vintage khaki, but I missed out.

I also placed an order from Olive Young, and I’m optimistic about how that will go. My first time ordering from there since they announced that they ship to Canada now, and they didn’t really have boxing day promotions for what I wanted but yeah.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great day shopping or just relaxing and hoped you enjoyed this little recap/haul.


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