Just popping back here to talk about a very small haul I did in December for hair products and skincare products from Jolse. With one product being the exception (it was a single eye shadow). This is a small haul by the way.

In December I ended up running out of one of my hair care products and ordered more. However, since the product was on the cheaper side I ended up looking at other products to meet the free shipping minimum for Jolse. At the time, the Abib Yuja essence was on sale for the Time Deal promotions so I did grab that.

I do have one other Abib product but it’s on my bucket list to try more products from the brand. It used to be amazingly hard to get Abib products in Canada without spending a lot of money, so I’m really glad that it’s slightly easier now. This essence (serum, really) is supposed to have brightening, tone-evening and vitalizing effects for the skin.

I believe it’s technically classified as a Vitamin C product so I will likely have to use more precaution with sun protectant, by adding more can carrying a sun stick with me (I always do).

The eyeshadow I ended up getting was the Innisfree My Palette My Shadow, in Crystal 1. This is a chunky-glitter eyeshadow that is perfect for dabbing onto the undereye area or as a touch of sparkle to an eyeshadow look. I’ll have to be careful with this though because my eyes can get irritated easily if something ends up making it into the eye.

The last items in this haul were the Aromatica Rosemary Scalp scrub, I’ll probably not write a review but it’ll be briefly mentioned in a future blog post talking about my haircare routine. Anyways, this is the haul. It’s short I know but I think moving forward, I’ll be spacing out hauls more so that I don’t have to order as often.


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