Ah, the end of April is upon us! And for those going to College or University, you know what that means! It’s the end of another semester (for most students anyway). This semester my classes were a lot tougher than the fall semester, and for good reason since there were a few factors to play. This will just be a little College Life talk post, and I will have the regular beauty and lifestyle stuff out soon.

My school program finishes the school year at the end of April, and I desperately need that break. I’ve seen a lot of other students talking about taking electives over the summer, and I was planning on doing that, but recently changed my mind.

For those who don’t know, you can sometimes (but not always) speed-run a program by taking summer classes. Or at the very least, knock off the electives you usually take during the school year. In my specific program, it’s not possible to speed-run it, so I was planning on knocking off the electives.

As always, if you’re looking into doing something like this, you should always reach out to your program coordinator, etc, first before making a decision. They would probably know more about this and would be able to give you more insight, and what your options are.

But with the stuff that happened in the last year – think April 2020 to April 2021 – I thought giving myself a break was a better choice. As you may know, a lot has happened; I was at a low point last year, I decided to switch programs literally partway through and I wasn’t even sure I’d get into this Bachelor’s program.

My mental health this time last year was not great, and it feels weird to know that and realize that I’m much better right now. So despite being in a much better place than I was at last year, I thought giving myself a bit of a break was a better idea. This would allow me to focus more on things that had been neglected in the past two years like my health and other hobbies.

It’s been a rough year to say the least so finding time this summer to incorporate healthy habits and some old hobbies is going to be a little hectic to start but I think I found a solution for this.

I ended up making a list of goals I want to achieve this summer (you should give it a try too since it really helps you plan things out) and two of those goals are to take more steps towards improving my health, and also update my blog. There’s not a set timeline but just a bunch of things I’d like to do/try to do before September starts so that leaves a bit of time.

Honestly, I have a lot of backed-up product reviews and Real Talk sessions to go up here, and then a lot of book reviews to do over on commutingreads.com.

For any of you who are SUPER new, welcome! Commuting Reads is my second blog that focuses on my love of reading and providing book reviews on books that interest me. Check it out if you have a chance!

This is it for this Real Talk session as I’m trying to write and edit new blog posts so bye for now!


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