Recently (ish), The Face Shop revealed a $17 Mystery box you can “pre-order” in store, the value of the products inside are worth $71. I went to the local TFS store recently and was able to get myself three in total (idk why, lol).
I’m not sure if this promotion is available only in Canada or internationally, but I had heard of it through TFS’s Canadian Instagram account. I originally bought one on my way home from a SHSM training program, that one contained a lot of things which I’ll send a picture of below.
The majority of the things in the picture I kept with a few that I passed onto friends. In a way, I would say that these mystery boxes are worth the money ($71 worth of stuff for $17!!!!!) however if you are someone who may be picky about what you get there are two possible options:
1) Forgo getting the box (however by the time this post is out the promotion must have ended) and just get what you’d want instead to save from being disappointed. OR
2) Get some of your friends along and buy maybe 1-2 per person and bring them over to someone’s place to pick and choose who wants what. The value may not equal to $71 after the whole thing but most people would get what they want and etc.
In the end, I would buy the mystery boxes again (I did end up getting another) if they came out with more. It’s worth it’s price, however, if you decide to get a second box I would suggest that you go over the pros and cons. Since you don’t know what’s inside the box you might get a repeat of your last box.
Have you gotten any mystery boxes before? Let me know in the comments!


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