For the second time ever (at least from what I know), The Face Shop held another warehouse sale over the weekend. If I remember correctly, it’s at an entirely different location from where they were before (or I could be mixing up places lol). The last time they had a warehouse sale, I remember it being too far away but I managed to go this time!
First off, it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. It was mainly a large warehouse space with a cordoned off area, and it had tables that held piles of skincare, makeup and etc that are available to be sold. There were maybe 9 or 10 large tables that held the products, and the prices were either tagged onto the packaging or were on printed sheets taped to the tables.
Most, if not all of the products were at least 50% off the original price. They also had gift sets of different sizes there, and a few of their discontinued items (green tea toner, *cough*). I was pretty much set with makeup and skincare and so when I went there it was purely for the experience and maybe buying a few things. But little did I know, that my mom (who was against going in the first place) would outbuy both my dad and I combined.
Altogether, we bought; 2 O Hui gift sets, 3 Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleansers, 1 Yehwadam Heaven Grade Ginseng Regenerating Emulsion, 1 Rice Ceramide Emulsion, 1 flawless makeup base,  1 pair of hair clips, 4 sheet masks , two brown eyebrow pencils and 1 Miracle Finish Oil Control Water Cushion.
Can you guess which of these I bought?
I only grabbed the makeup base, the sheet masks (as gifts) and the cushion. My dad got the two O Hui sets as gifts, and the rest was the aftermath of my mom’s shopping frenzy. This is probably the first time where I spent $16 ish at The Face Shop. The cushion was one the items I wasn’t expecting to find at the warehouse sale, but it was on my wish list for too long to pass up, especially since it was only $8.



  • ​​Yehwadam Ginseng Regenerating Emulsion $65
  • Rise Ceramide Emulsion $8
  • Makeup Base $??
  • Hair Clips $??
  • Sheet Masks $2 each
  • Designing Eyebrow Pencil    $6
  • Miracle Finish Cushion $29


  • Yehwadam Ginseng Regenerating Emulsion $32
  • Rise Ceramide Emulsion $3
  • Makeup Base $4
  • Hair Clips $1
  • Sheet Masks $1 each
  • Designing Eyebrow Pencil $??
  • Miracle Finish Cushion $8
As you can see from the price comparisons above, the warehouse prices are a little over half price off the original. Which isn’t that bad of a deal, considering  the best deal I’ve seen from The Face Shop is  like BOGO 50% off (I think).
As I write this (Saturday night) I’m hoping to go back to the warehouse sale tomorrow with some friends, and maybe get some more gifts or etc. Be on the lookout for a review of some of these products!


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