So last weekend I went to The Face Shop’s warehouse sale for the first time, and if you remember from my last blog post I had said that I wanted to go there again. And I managed to do so! With a group of friends and my dad lol. This time however, we ended up going a long while before they closed, which made a difference in shopping experience (less people, less rushed etc).
Overall, they had pretty much the same products that they did on Saturday with a few exceptions. For example, they had an abundance of green tea toners on Saturday but they only had about 2 bottles on Sunday. They also added this towel headband, and this lip top coat to the products they were selling. So if you were planning to go to their next warehouse sale, I would suggest attempting to go during both the days it’s open to not miss anything.
Of course I should’ve taken my own advice on Saturday and grabbed some Jeju products before they were sold out early the next day, but oh well! For some reason, there were slightly more people at the warehouse sale on Sunday rather than Saturday. This time the cash registers were empty of people lining up to pay since most, if not all of them were shopping with baskets nearly filled (and some had two baskets!).
Altogether I bought;  1 towel headband, 1 multi stick contour stick, 1 brown browcara, 2 lip top coats, 1 mango seed foaming cleanser, 1 O Hui moisturizing 3-piece set, 1 O Huianti aging 3-pcs set and 1 O Hui anti aging 5-pcs set.
Of those items, 3 were gifts but either way this is slightly more than what I got the day before. Of course I didn’t include the 6 O Hui moisturizing 3-pcs sets my dad bought for family. I also avoided getting face masks because I may or may not have a rather large stash at home, along with some general peel-off masks. So in the next blog posts you see, it may be some reviews of these products.
However, I’ll be doing a special “experiment” with the 5-pcs O Hui anti aging set near the end of October so keep a lookout for that!


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