Normally, I don’t restock my skincare products in October. I typically get everything restocked in September during the back-to-school deals and try to avoid ordering during the holiday rushes if possible. But turns out my mom literally ran out of serums and I was prompted to place an order. Here’s the haul.

This order total is about $48.79 USD with everything purchased, that is, after the discounts, coupons and etc. This order totalled 5 products, from skincare, beauty and hair care. Here’s what I got:

Missha 4D Mascara

This first haul item was something that I wasn’t planning to buy, but I tacked it on to meet the minimum shipping amount of $50. But I always wanted to try this, and it was almost always sold out on the website when it goes on sale.

Purito Daily Go-To Sunscreen

This is something that fans of Purito have been waiting a long time for, and on some skincare forums, I see people mention that this is the replacement of the controversial Purito sunscreens from a few years back. I added this to the haul because I was looking forward to trying it, and it was on sale too.

Some By Mi Cica Scalp Tonic

Some by Mi scalp spray; October haul
Some By Mi Scalp Tonic

This product was the first in the basket for the haul, and if you remember, I tried this a while back and have been using it religiously since then. You can find my original review here. It’s been great for my scalp and I’ve noticed a decrease in itchiness and flakes, which had been a problem I’ve dealt with since puberty. This was also on sale that day.

Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule 5X

This is something that I’ve wanted to get for my mom for a really long time and when I saw the sale price, it was probably the second or third item to be added to the haul basket. Normally, this is way out of our price range but I’ve noticed that Missha products will go on sale fairly frequently on Jolse. And my mom was finishing up the serum she was using anyways so perfect timing too.

Elizavecca Collagen Coating Hair Protein Treatment

This product was another item that I had added to the haul very early on, and it’s because I’ve run out of it. I’ve used this in the past before and absolutely loved this, so it’s something that I’ve frequently bought over the years to manage my hair. You can find my original review here.

And that’s the haul! If there’s an item you’re interested in, follow my blog! I should have a review of it up soon.


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