I went to the Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery District back in December with a group of friends, and while we were there we came across this minimal-looking store that we thought sold beauty products and went in.
Now prior to that day, I had never heard of the brand itself nor did I know that they had a store there! The store reminded me of a fairly large (in comparison to other stores) but somewhat empty warehouse, and there were shelves and tables scattered all over with the products they’re showcasing. I found some odd ones and some that I’d love to try.
I hadn’t planned to get anything, however my friends were clustered around a shelf with a bunch of dropper bottles and I got curious. By then I already noticed that this serum helps to reduce the looks of spots and hyper pigmentation, and I remembered how my mom had complained of the lack of products (that she knew of) that addressed dark spots.
So I ended up buying it for $8.90 plus tax, which isn’t that bad. The serum has this slightly hydrating but also mattifying effect to it, and it’s also slightly heavier than some serums in the past but that’s alright. I’ve used it on and off since then and I can say that I’ve seen some progress in minimizing the appearance of my hyper pigmentation, it’s kind of slow going but I’m fairly certain this bottle will last a while.
So based on the price, the effectiveness and the product overall… I would probably continue to repurchase this where I can. I need all the help I can get to ease the effects of hyperpigmentation and my mom would love to have this around to target her dark spots. The heavy feeling of the serum will take some getting used to though.


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