Since I started my skincare journey, I’ve heard about the brand The Saem but mostly about their makeup products. So in all honesty, this would be my first time trying out a skincare product from The Saem and I’m excited to share how it went!

I received these products for free from Picky and The Saem in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

I was excited to see these in the mail because these solid eye sticks were something that I’ve yet to try. It also just happened that I’d run low on eye products so this is a great replacement until these run out too. Now as I mentioned before, I’ve only known about The Saem makeup products so I wasn’t sure what to expect with their skincare items. They seemed very promising when I took a look at the promo pictures.

The first thing I noticed, their packaging is very cute. To me, they are kind of like a throwback to 2016 or so when K-Beauty brands would package up their products in adorable packaging, not that they don’t still do that now, but I find that it’s less common unless it’s a collab or something. The boxes were colour-matched with the colour of the tube inside and also had an image of a cute polar bear on the front.

The Saem Iceland Eye Sticks Packaging
The Saem Iceland Eye Sticks Packaging
The Saem Iceland Eye Stick Polar Bear Packaging
The Saem Iceland Eye Stick Polar Bear Packaging

The tube inside is kind of split into two sections, the lower half is blue or pink and the cap is made into an image of the polar bear we see on the box. The original hydrating eye stick is in the blue colouring and the hydrating collagen eye stick is the one in pink. I feel like they are on the smaller side at 7g each, but because it’s a solid stick, I think that should be fine. When you open up the sticks, there are protective caps on the product itself but be careful when pulling it off. I don’t remember which one it was, but I tried pulling the cap straight up and it took the entire stick of product out, luckily you can just push it back in but keep that in mind and pull it at a slight angle lol.

These eye sticks, their main thing is being made with Icelandic mineral water (among other things) which gives them a cooling effect. Then there’s also a bunch of other ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and niacinamide for hydration and brightening. What really interested me in the ingredients were the inclusion of Icelandic moss and seaweed extracts, a lot of cooling products (specifically face masks/sheet masks will use these and it’s my first time seeing an eye product have these ingredients.

One thing I need to note first is that I found that the scent of these eye sticks was pretty strong, the smell lingers for a few minutes after application but anyone who is sensitive to scents may find it uncomfortable so just a heads up. The first eye stick I tried was the original blue one, its scent is slightly lighter than the pink collagen one, almost like sweet fruit. It cools immediately after application and leaves a light hydrating layer that dries down.

The colour of this stick is white, almost like a clear white. After using this for almost a month, I’m really pleased about it! It’s light and can be layered enough to use it whenever you want, and it’s been helping the dryness under my eyes this season.

On the other hand, the pink collagen eye stick has a heavier scent kind of like a powdery floral. It applies the same as the original eye stick, albeit a little stickier, and it also dries down. The stick itself is a light pink and it switches out the Icelandic glacier water with collagen and utilizes the xylitol to cool. The cooling effect isn’t as prominent but after one month of using this, it’s left my undereye area nice and plump.

Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised after using these two eye sticks. They’re super easy to use, should be fairly travel-friendly and they don’t break the bank. The only downside would be the scent for any scent-sensitive friends, and you can find them at most online retailers. While I got mine directly from The Saem through Picky, you can also get them on Yesstyle or Stylevana, they retail for around $8-$9 CAD.


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