My prom actually takes place pretty late in the year, coincidentally, if you’re reading this on June 26th I’m most likely at prom right now LOL. For some, their prom prep involves making appointments for makeup, hair, nails and etc. But for me, the prep was just to buy fake nails, the dress, the shoes and look for inspiration for the makeup and hair. Here’s just a little breakdown of how I prepared for prom.
Honestly, prom prep is just what you want to prep and how you want to prep. I know stories about girls getting their hair, nails and makeup done in one day before heading to prom, but that’s just not me. I would probably be stressing about everything even before going to prom, because I’m just like that LOL. Instead, I just looked up different hair styles and makeup looks that I felt were great for me and saved them. Most of what I find are on Instagram, but they can be found on other places as well.
My prom prep actually started approx. 5 days before prom, I knew I didn’t want heavy makeup so I had to work hard to make sure my skin was “good”. I ended up doing a face mask every day for 5 days straight, it seemed a bit excessive but I only used the regular nourishing ones so they aren’t super concentrated like the snail mucin or brightening ones. On the 2nd day, I used a brightening mask and on the 5th day (the day just before prom) I used a mask that was said to reduce redness.
Overall, through this whole process my skin was super smooth even without exfoliation. Though I wouldn’t recommend doing a face mask every day forever, it’ll be a little harsh on the wallet and I honestly cannot really see many people doing this because it does take a bit of time where you’re laying down. Prior to prom, I also planned out when I’d wash my hair (the day before) so I’d have time for it to straighten naturally before I get to work with it. I also ended up buying a set of the etude house X dashing diva fake nails that I’ve reviewed in the past, because I knew they looked nice and fit well. It also helped that I got them on sale.
After applying the nails, I did my hair at around 2pm so it had time to cool down and turn from curls to loose/more relaxed curls since I didn’t use any hair spray or a curl essence prior. As the hair was cooling down, I decided to use a V-line mask I got at a warehouse sale. It’s the first time I’ve used something like this and  let me just say, I have never been more uncomfortable in my life!  The mask pulled on the tops of my ears and this particular mask made me involuntarily pout, not a nice relaxing look LOL.
The next moments were just me showering, putting the dress on and getting my makeup done, checking if I had everything in my little bag (prom ticket, battery packs, a snack, etc.) and I was off. My dress was a dark blue lace one with a V-neck, and the coloured underskirt stopped at the knees while lace continues to the floor. For shoes I had heeled sandals from Call it Spring. I don’t really know what to expect with prom to be honest, but I hope I’ll have good memories.
Honestly, my tips for those preparing for prom is to keep your cool. Things may not go like planned but don’t lose your mind over it, prom is the night but it isn’t something you should stress about. Worry more about if you’ll have a good time with your friends, and sitting down whenever your feet hurt.
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