Wrinkles are not something that I am worried too much about at the moment, even if I complain about my back and joints like I’m 22 going on 72. But when I first tried Skin House’s Wrinkle Supreme Toner in January, I fell in love with the brand and this product line. And about 7 months later, my mom is still happily using what remains of the Skin House Toner. Now let’s check out the rest of this set.

I received this set for free from Picky and The Skin House in exchange for my honest review, all thoughts are opinions are my own!

The set I received is part of the same Wrinkle Supreme line that I got the toner from in January, however, this time I received the serum and a face cream from that product line. Here is the previous blog post I made about The Skin House’s Wrinkle Supreme Toner. As a refresher, The Skin House is a brand that focuses on skin improvement using natural, gentle and scientifically proven ingredients for the skin. The Wrinkle Supreme product line focuses on lifting and nourishing skin with red ginseng, 9 types of mushrooms and adenosine.

The two new products I received follow the same colourway as the previous toner, the boxes were a light cream colour with red accents. The same goes for the bottles/containers themselves, both have a gold top accent with a black-to-red gradient glass container.

The Skin House’s Wrinkle Supreme Serum

The serum comes in a standard pump bottle with a milky-white lid, and one bonus about this is that despite not having an airless pump (and that’s okay) you’re able to open the container and use a scraper to get the rest of the serum inside when it’s almost out. Now the serum itself is a milky-white colour and a bit on the thicker side, so it won’t run or spread too much when pumped out onto your hand or etc.

Wrinkle Supreme Serum Texture
Wrinkle Supreme Serum Texture

With that in mind, it will take a few more passes over your skin before the serum kind of sinks in. Even then, it gives your skin a nice “plump” feel without being too heavy. There is a scent to the serum and it does linger a little bit after application, it’s very similar to the scent of the toner (and the cream). The best way I could describe the smell of this is herbal green tea, very similar to the scent that Innisfree’s green tea diffusers would give off but not the same green tea scent that was found in their green tea line products.

I don’t personally find this overpowering, but I would be cautious if you are someone who prefers unscented products or is sensitive to scents in their skincare products.

The Skin House Wrinkle Supreme Cream
Wrinkle Supreme Cream Colour

Now the cream on the other hand is also a white colour but less milky and more bright white in my opinion. What kind of sets the cream off from other anti-aging/wrinkle creams is that this one is kind of more watery in comparison. It’s light enough that it doesn’t feel like a balm when you first touch it, and it will stay in place when you scoop a dollop out onto the back of your hand. But when you start rubbing that cream in, it takes on a slightly more balmy texture. It then initially sets with a plump feel (like the serum) but give it a few minutes and then it fully sinks in to leave a skin-feel finish.

Wrinkle Supreme Cream Texture
Wrinkle Supreme Cream Texture

The cream actually doesn’t come with a spatula, which is a bit of a bummer since the container has a narrower opening than most and a deeper container too. I have a few spare spatulas/cream scoops lying around from other products, but I would suggest getting a skincare scraper/spatula/cream scoop if you get this cream. Both the cream and the serum are 50mL, and depending on where you get this, I feel like this is worth it compared to other anti-aging products.

Overall, I think this is a great product line and after testing the products out for a couple of weeks, it’s left my skin with a plumper overall look and more nourished skin. Getting Skin House items are a little harder though, they have a global mall shop for the US and other countries and also have an Amazon storefront available. But other counties will have to try their luck with other vendors, Stylevana and Yesstyle are some of the options among others. Here’s the list if you’re looking for vendors.


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