Welcome to my bit of the internet! I feel like I’ve talked about why I created my blog once before, but since then I feel as though some things have changed.

I originally started my blog as a place to post my random reviews and life experiences, just so there’s a log for any curious human that eventually wonders upon my site. It was also because I figured it was a better option than randomly bombarding my friends with random tidbits now and then.
I was 15 when I first started my blog, and it took a few months to hammer out what exactly I wanted to write about. It seemed that there were so many possibilities and so many pools I wanted to dip my fingers in, but I ultimately thought that having a Beauty and Lifestyle blog would be best.
About one year in, I decided that I wanted to get a little more serious with my blog and “re-branded”. It went from a random cluster of reviews/experiences to a blog that followed my beauty and personal life experience journey as I grow up. I want to give reviews that were honest (I buy almost all of the products I review unless otherwise stated) but not overly harsh. Some products may not work well for me, but it could do wonders for someone else.
I also wanted to give advice in case it can be used to help others (one of my Lifestyle topics), even the littlest things such as learning from my mistakes. I honestly don’t see this becoming a full time thing, if it takes off or if it remains a small thing I’m happy and grateful either way.

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Toronto-based Beauty and Lifestyle blogger focusing on the world of Korean Skincare and Beauty, particularly product reviews and where to get them in Canada.

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