I’ve been getting into Korean hair care products lately, it started about a year ago and I feel as though it’s only gotten stronger (the routine). Here’s just the latest products I’ve gotten and currently testing.
For the record, my hair routine is very short compared to the whole “10 step hair care routine” thing I see occasionally on the internet. I feel that if I were to try that, there’s no going back for my hair. Which isn’t necessarily a great option considering it’s currently dyed this red-copper colour, any changes to the currently routine could lighten or fade the colour and I’m not due for a touch-up until late August to early September if I can make it last.
Another factor I take in when I buy and try hair products is the weather/season, it’s currently summer and Toronto is so hot and humid I swear! It’s been around 30 plus degrees, so I wouldn’t want any super heavy products in my hair because when the sweat hits it, it might be going down my back or my hair gets sticky. Luckily the products I bought were perfect for the season!
Prior to this little haul, I was already using these hair care products: Yungo Premium Bird’s Nest Shampoo, Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum, Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist and Elastine Camellia Black Curling Essence.
In this little haul I ended up buying MISSHA’s Damaged Hair Therapy Essence, Aromatica’s Rosemary Scalp Scrub and Ma Cherie’s Perfect Shower Straight. All of which, I’ve have my eyes on for a while now. But it seemed to be a good time to finally grab them, the perfect testing season and a good time to try them with coloured hair and see their effects.
AROMATICA - Rosemary Scalp Scrub 165g
The first product I tried was the hair scrub, and it was pretty good. I haven’t tried another product like this so I can’t say it’s the best or the worst, so it’s good. It smelled very herbal-ly and did a great job of scrubbing my scalp, it (the salt) also had no problem dissolving  when I added water to lather it. Prior to getting this scalp scrub, I was kind of afraid that the salt would have taken a long time to dissolve or not dissolve at all, leaving a bunch of gritty bits in my hair. But it obviously went well, and I’ll probably be lightly comparing other scrubs in the future to this one.
The product is pretty clear and it’s thick because the whole tube is literally a salt mixture. There’s honestly not much to say about it, it’s a salt scrub lol.
The next product I tried was MISSHA’s Hair Therapy Essence, which was the only item in this haul that I ended up buying in store. It was written all in Korean and only had a small sticker with directions and a caution. But based on the website, it’s a product to make rough damaged hair sleek and soft again. Some of the effects advertised are; protecting hair from the elements, preventing split ends and making the hair less prone to static electricity/frizziness (?). I have a hair product where it’s already preventing split ends, but I’m looking forward to see how it prevents the static electricity in the cooler months. 
However the smoothing effect is already kind of an instant effect when first used. The product also has a smell, kind of reminds me of baby powder, but it dissipates after your hair is dry. The essence is clear, and kind of resembles a slightly watery oil. Despite having the consistency of watery oil, it doesn’t weigh down the hair at all which is why I think it’s great to use year-round.
Shiseido - Ma Cherie Perfect Shower EX
The final product in the haul is Ma Cherie’s Perfect Shower (straight), it honestly doesn’t sound like a hair product right? But it’s supposed to be one of those sprays to protect hair from heat and I think it also keeps hair relatively straight or is made for straight hair, could be one, or the other or both. It  goes on fine, but there’s a little bit of stickiness so it’ll be best to be sprayed on just before you blow dry or brushed out before you air dry. The product also has this sweet candy-like smell, but like most it dissipates after a little while.

Overall, the products were worth the price. However the Perfect Shower spray I ended up paying nearly $20 for, so I’d recommend waiting until a sale or until the price drops before buying it. I believe there’s a 10% off code available until Aug 4th, so I’ll put that below somewhere. You can also use the (affiliate) links below or click on the pictures above to buy/learn more about the products. Until next time!


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