July is here, and the heat is real! How are you holding up in this weather? While it would be nice to stay at home with the AC on full blast through the whole summer, it’s more fun to go out sometimes right? So here’s a few tips to make the summer more bearable.

1. Invest in a USB fan

The fan’s plug is a USB style end, so you can invest in power banks to power the fan for hours at a time. Depending on the type of fan you get, you can have a few speed options. The USB fan I have was sold for $5 ish and has two fan speeds.

2. Get sunscreen

It seems a little silly to mention this, but I remember that as a kid I would lie about having already put on sunscreen because the brand we used was too oily for  me. So test and buy sunscreen that feels right to you, and for those who are on the go, try investing in those sun sticks (sunscreen in a stick form)! I’m currently using this sebum (oil) absorbing sunscreen from the Korean beauty brand MISSHA, it works well but  I’ll probably look into another brand next. (Affiliate link below)

3. Freeze your drinks!

The night before you have a trip or outing or anything, place your bottles of water or whatever drinks you want (nothing carbonated) into the freezer. Then grab them just before you leave. This keeps the drinks cold longer.

4. Get proper sun gear

By this I mean a hat you’d like to wear that can cover a bit of your face and protect your scalp from burning. Trust me, a sunburn on your scalp hurts. I prefer to have a white or light coloured hat because in my opinion I find that it’s better at deflecting the heat off your head than a black or dark coloured hat would.
Another item you should get are sunglasses in the style you like. Both dark coloured and mirrored style sunglasses are really popular, but they make it almost impossible to see when you walk through a shaded area outside. To avoid the hassle of having to constantly put on/remove your sunglasses in shady areas or when you move in and out of buildings, you could try buying sunglasses with coloured lenses.
I’m pretty sure they don’t offer as much protection to your eyes as normal sunnies do, so I would recommend only wearing those when you know you’ll be in and out of the sun for short-reasonable periods of time. The coloured sun glasses I have are a red-pink gradient colour, the very bottom is somewhat colourless so I can still look at my phone with them on!

5. Use aloe gel or after sun cream

After a day in the sun, and slathering on sunscreen, your skin would need some pampering!  I know that most people would already have their after sun routines, but what I like to do is to apply aloe gel on my face  to soothe it. I find that even if I use sunscreen, my face is really warm afterwards and while the after sun cream I have works for light sunburns, it’s a little irritating on my face. I find that the aloe gel helps soothe it much better, then I top it off with a light layer of my moisturizer.
Normally I wouldn’t need moisturizer on top of the layer of aloe because I have combination skin, but there are times in the year  (mid-summer and winter) where my skin gets really dry  so I tend to moisturize  around then. 
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So here are my tips to make the summer more bearable, do you have any routine or etc that helps make the summer more bearable for you? Let me know in the comments!


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