Hydrogel under-eye patches have become such an important part of my skincare routine since high school, and I’m so glad that many of them come in pairs of 30 because they last so long. When I first started using them I had my doubts, but they’ve pretty much cemented into my routine at this point.
Tony Moly Artemisia Eye Patches

Now, to start off I do have to put out there that this is only my second container of hydrogel under-eye patches. I think I got off pretty lucky when I chose the JayJun Green Tea patches to be my starter patches, so my experience regarding hydrogel patches is rather limited.
The Pure Artemisia Eye Patches by the brand Tony Moly are supposed to calm down dullness and puffiness in the under-eye area, and that’s already without factoring in the anti-aging properties Artemisia (Mugwort) has. Artemisia is a really popular ingredient in South Korean Skincare and has been steadily gaining popularity more so throughout the years, however, it’s still a new product to me.

I’m someone who will gravitate towards items with green tea if I’m looking for calming/cooling and anti-aging properties, so trying a hydrogel eye patch without green tea feels odd for some reason. But I was excited!
First off, the container is pretty short/squat in comparison to other tubs and it threw me off at first. However, the container itself along with the spatula and the hard “safety cover” (as I like to call it) are all sturdy compared to the JayJun one. And like the JayJun brand, there is 60 pcs (30 pairs) in the container.

At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of essence in the container with the hydrogel patches. But trust me, when you start using the patches you’ll notice that there is a lot of essence near the bottom. So the top few might not be super soaked but the middle and bottom patches are soaked when you get to them.
The patches are in the standard shape and are more of a muted green colour compared to the JayJun Green Tea patches. The patches also contain bits and specs of artemisia that (luckily) seem to be in the patch and won’t stick to your skin when removing the hydrogel patch.

Almost forgot to mention, but I got these from Jolse in the Fall of 2020 and they got here pretty quickly. For those who aren’t familiar, Jolse is a company selling various K Beauty and Skincare items and they ship out of South Korea. They charge in USD and have a low flat rate shipping fee (at least for Canadians) so I don’t mind paying the conversion since their prices are usually the lowest on the market (most of the time).
I got the hydrogel patches during a promotion and after discounts, adding in the shipping and conversion fees (via PayPal) I paid about $28 CAD. Really reasonable price considering it retails for about $73 on Tony Moly’s Canadian site.

Overall, these patches have reduced some fine lines (I rub my eyes a lot) and I see that they lighten and moisturize the under-eye area well. During the duration I tested/used these we got some below-freezing temperatures and they’ve helped save my under eye area from irritation, which happens a lot when it gets this cold.
If I can get it around this price again, I would absolutely buy this again. But as a part-time worker and college student, the prices on some sites are way out of budget. So if you’re looking for something like this but at a lower cost, I recommend checking out the JayJun patches.


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