Here’s just a few things for you to do this summer if you have time or if you’re bored.

Take Up A Hobby

Other than running this blog, my other hobbies include reading and knitting (surprisingly). I got started into knitting by my aunt, as a way to past time because I was a kid that wasn’t necessarily entertained by TV shows or games, especially since I was typically alone with adults all the time. Knitting gave me a chance to zone out, and pass time when need be and it’s rather relaxing in my opinion. My one suggestion is that you guys choose a hobby you’ll like, for example a friend of mine has a hobby of building houses on Sims 4.

Adventure Time

Literally, do a little research on places you and your friends can visit and slowly tick them off the bucket list. It will get you out and moving and seeing new things/places that you maybe haven’t  seen/been to before. For those in Toronto, maybe try; The Annex Food Hall, The Rec Room, Ripeley’s Aquarium, The CN Tower, Various Restaurants and etc.

Online Surveys

If you’re comfortable with it, you can sign up for an account to do online surveys for points and eventually redeem those points for gift cards, cheques or etc. Essentially you can do those surveys for money in the long run. It’s not necessarily the easiest to qualify for surveys, and it sometimes takes a lot of points to redeem something. The ones I use are; Asking Canadians, Swagbucks and Leger Opinion (not sponsored).

Food Tour

If want to, alongside with seeking out new spots in the area you live in, try to find new and different places to eat within your comfort zone.  Personally, I stick within Asian cuisines if I’m not adventurous but I do like to try food as long as it’s not spicy. I’ve never been good with spices.. If anything, check out my instagram feed @vesalisa if you’re in Toronto, I usually tag the place I visit.


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