I’ve actually had this mascara for a while now, and I actually prefer this over some of the other mascaras I’ve had in the past! It’s technically a mascara topper so that your mascara doesn’t smudge, but it was said that it could also be used as a mascara.
I got this clear mascara for about $6.60 CAD, so I would consider it on the cheaper side of the k-beauty price spectrum. From the photo below, the clear mascara  is the one with the yellow cap, the green cap is for curling and the pink one is for volume.
I couldn’t find anything bad with the mascara; it won’t stick my lashes together or cause that tacky feeling, it dries somewhat fast and  it’s clear so it’s smudges aren’t noticeable. However, after a while a friend told me about the ingredients in the mascara which I find are kind of the con of the product. There’s at least 5 parabens in the mascara, so if you don’t like to use products with parabens at all, or a lot of parabens, I wouldn’t suggest this product.
**I do not own the picture in this blog post, this image was retrieved from Yesstyle.com’s product pictures. All rights go to Yesstyle/the owner of the picture.**

I don’t actually like to use products with  a lot of products so I’m probably going to finish using this before switching to another product. Though parabens aside, this product is pretty good for the price.


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