Just before a snow storm hit last week, I went to a nearby Walmart to stock up on rabbit supplied and found this interesting cereal sitting under a sale sign. It was a limited edition chocolate frosted flakes! Honestly I was a little grossed out but also interested in trying it so I ended up getting it.
It wasn’t more than $3 for the box of cereal, and when you open the bag inside of the box you get a whole waft of chocolate scented cereal. If you let it sit in milk for a little while, it’ll also turn the milk into chocolate milk! But it won’t be sickeningly sweet like if you were to add chocolate milk to cereal, so it’s safe to say it’s pretty good!
I don’t know if it’s just me but I find the chocolate version of frosted flakes is less sweet than the original, so if you’re looking for something sweeter, this probably isn’t for you. It also isn’t quite photo worthy in a bowl unless you just poured the milk in, so it hasn’t had a chance to mix with the chocolate yet.
All in all, it tastes good but I probably won’t be buying it again (personal choice). Though if you were to see this in stores, I would recommend getting it to try or get it for your chocolate loving friend!


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