There have been times where I’ve been out and about and have just randomly wondered why I haven’t started carrying certain things in my bag, or wonder why I stopped carrying them. So I’ve decided to compile a list of random items that are pretty useful for the day-to-day person whether it’s for school, work or leisure. Take a peek! Maybe you’ll find something that’ll change what you bring with you.
I originally had this geared up in March, however Covid-19 happened and then many people were staying at home more so I held off publishing this because it wasn’t the right time. Restrictions are slowly being lifted right now, and I thought to push this out before I totally forget about it.
So what qualifies: Something that’s small and could fit in a purse or bag, and not commonly found  or used by people every day (subjective because some people might actually use it every day). Also, please note that there are some affiliate links on this page where I will receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you, if you decide to purchase the products. More info here.


1. Bubble Tea Sleeves

Now these sound weird, but they are a type of bag that looks like a sleeve with a single handle for bubble tea cups. Some bubble tea stores will have them and some don’t, but there are a few people on Etsy that sell cloth ones. I find that they’re more convenient than a traditional bag, especially if you only have one cup. They’re also super small so they’re convenient to put into your bag.

2. Metal Bubble Tea Straws

I think I’ve mentioned this before as something that anyone should have in the household, but now it’s also something to keep in your purse. It’s not uncommon to find metal straws around, but I don’t think a lot of people carry them around because of how inconvenient it could be. I personally (8/10 times) carry a metal straw around with me, so I can agree that sometimes the struggle is very real.

3. Perfume Sticks

Now this is something I’ve talked about before a little while ago, it was very convenient back in high school, now in college, and I’m still thinking it’s a great thing. It’s less obvious than taking out a small travel-size perfume and spritzing some on, but still delivers a good amount of fragrance. There are many out on the market, and a great variety of scents available.
However, I have a worry about it melting under intense heat so it might not be the good option for some places I think. I’ve yet to see it melt while I’m at work, but the fear is still there I suppose.

4. D-Clip with Hair Ties

I did this back in high school because I had a lot of things in my bag and it made finding the hair ties much easier, compare finding a small and light hair tie vs. a small but heavy D-clip. I also did this for college, and I recommend this to anyone/everyone to help keep track of your hairties.

5. ​Tin with Wipes

Though Toronto is opening up to stage 3 (soon I think) I’ll keep on carrying a tin with wet wipes around, I’ve been doing this since I started working and the wet wipes are used to press elevator buttons, push/pull door handles or bus ‘stop’ buttons and etc. At the time, Lysol wipes were sold out everywhere so these are just regular wet wipes.
They don’t kill bacteria (nothing on the side says they do) but I feel that they provide a decent barrier between a frequently touched surface and your own skin. I would highly recommend following up with hand sanitizer or even better, washing your hands afterwards.

6. Travel Bottles

Travel-sized bottle sets are more useful than you think, they’re mainly used for your toiletry bag or carry-on but I’ve found alternative uses. The small cream container can be used for your lip balm, my mom uses a contact lens case to carry around vaseline (pre-pandemic) that she scoops out of a large tub from Costco.
There should also be a lotion bottle or tube of some kind and that’s perfect for hand cream if yours only comes in a large tube, alternatively it can also be used as a hand sanitizer bottle for the same reason.

7. Sun Stick

This is also something I talked about a lot in my older blog posts, and while it was super convenient I hadn’t actually gotten my hands on a sun stick until recently. I’ve been using it for a week or so and bringing it to work to touch up my sunscreen because the setting sun shines directly into my workplace. I think having a good experience with a sun stick all depends on if you chose the right one for your skin type, and preferences.
I will say however, having a small stick of sun screen without having to squeeze some out of a tube is much more convenient.  The link is the same one I’m using currently.

I hope that you’ll find these super useful to have in your bag like I did, if you ended up adding anything, comment them down below! Before you go, be sure to follow my blog on Bloglovin’ to never miss a blog post!


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